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HJS Wholesale

HJS Wholesale Uses OrderEase to Grow Canada-Wide

The Story

HJS has been in Josh Schriemer’s family for 3 generations. His father acted as the company’s President and his grandfather founded the company in 1981. When it was Josh’s time to take the reins and lead the company, expanding the business’ reach was one of his main initiatives.



+50,000 ft2


2 Years

Founded in 1981

of storage space

Product SKU’s

Using LinkGreen


“We used to be just Thunder Bay to Edmonton. But, with the help of OrderEase and logistics we have added, starting this year, we are now Canada-wide.”

  • Josh Schriemer - President of HJS Wholesale


The Challenge

HJS was the trusted go-to horticulture supplier for a number of greenhouses, nurseries and landscapers. However, they had trouble growing their reach beyond their existing territories. Brand awareness was an issue.


At the same time, product awareness within their existing customers was also an issue. They suspected that even their most loyal customers weren’t fully aware of the entire product line.


At the same time, they needed a software system to streamline their quoting and ordering process. This system would have to accommodate over 6,000 product SKU’s, while factoring in different prices and discounts for each province.


The Solution

HJS slowly and systematically introduced OrderEase into their operations and saw an immediate result.

“We saw the potential in the market if we just had the right technology to support our business development. We went with OrderEase to streamline our ordering processes. Next thing you know, we reached new retail stores Quebec from out of nowhere.”


In their first year with OrderEase, they acquired several new customers and quickly saw a return on their investment. Since then, they have worked with OrderEase to integrate a data-feed into their  website, as well as fully-integrated quoting and ordering systems. All of these tools are helping them reach more customers and closing deals in less time.


They have also gained access to a database of thousands of new prospective customers through OrderEase, with the tools to monitor and nurture these new leads.


“It’s nice to see who is clicking into your catalog and who is opening them. You can see how many catalogue views you have... You can see ‘OK this person has viewed my catalogue 12 times and hasn’t ordered yet.’ I now know that we need to give that person a phone call.”


Today, HJS has no intention of slowing down. They have seen the potential that OrderEase has to help them grow even further, and they can’t wait to see what the future brings. We highly recommend OrderEase to any manufacturer or wholesale order distributor.