Westland Ltd. is the largest national, family-owned, 100% Canadian distributor committed to the Lawn and Garden industry.  They offer a full catalogue of premium hard-goods brands to growers, independent garden centres, landscape supply, farm and hardware supply stores from Ontario to the B.C. Coast. For over 50 years, Westland has maintained an exceptional standard in service and is evolving through technology to maintain and better the service offered to their customers.

The Need

Westland needed an online ordering solution that was simple and flexible to fit within their existing business requirements.

The Solution

LinkGreen’s online ordering solution offered a complete solution that added value to Westland but most importantly to their customers’ businesses as well. The online ordering solution includes:

  • Online ordering for trade shows that connects orders to their existing ERP system
  • Vendor catalog data collection to create a print catalog and interactive online catalog
  • A single online ordering solution for customer and sales rep that is accessible through their website. 

The Journey

Online Ordering for Business to Business Transactions

The owners of Westland were looking for an online ordering solution that benefited their customers and internal operations. After reviewing what was available Nancy and Russ realized that many of the available online ordering services were built for direct to consumer sales. LinkGreen offered a complete online ordering solution that was built for business to business transactions. Westland, being very customer service driven, saw the value LinkGreen provided to them but most of all their customers and began a partnership with LinkGreen immediately.

A Modernized Trade Show and Catalog Experience

Westland wanted to modernize their annual trade shows by streamlining the ordering process. Within two short weeks, LinkGreen worked to onboard and train Westland’s vendors to complete customer orders online.

Efficient Catalog Creation. All vendor catalog data and Images was collected, allowing Westland use all their vendors images and product information to quickly create a print catalog and interactive online catalog for their customers.

Paperless Trade Shows.  LinkGreen's online ordering provided quality and efficient service during their trade shows by eliminating paper order forms and manual data entry.

Simplified Order and Inventory Management.  All orders placed were immediately available for quick entry into Westland’s ERP system.

The results at the tradeshow spoke for themselves as both the sales reps and customers were pleased with all the benefits online ordering offered.

Implementing a Complete Online Ordering Solution

The next step for full business adoption became clear following the success at the tradeshow and the increasing demand for online ordering from customers. Westland is now in the process of transitioning their customers’ ordering experience. The sales team will now be able to place customer orders on any mobile device through LinkGreen’s sales rep app. Now their retail customers and sales reps can access their online ordering directly from their website.