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EDI Integration

Flexible EDI integrations that offers a barrier-free order management process. 

Manage All Your Online and Offline Orders Through a Single Solution

Wholesale Order Management Process

Receive & Process Any Order Format

Manage your online and offline orders within one solution. LinkGreen can process any digital order format and deliver it through EDI into your ERP system.


Connect Directly to All Your Trading Partners

LinkGreen offers custom integrations with ERP and POS systems offering a seamless connection between you and all your trading partners.

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Reduce Errors and Credits

Build trust with your trading partners through accurate order fulfillment. An automated order management process ensures that every order is delivered for fulfillment accurately no matter how busy you get.

Business Growth through EDi integration

 Invest in Limitless Growth Opportunites 

Accommodate retailers of all sizes through a solution that offers integration directly into Truecommerce, Foodlink, and other EDI and POS systems. Offer industry-leading service to your large and independent retailers. 


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Streamlining Order Fulfillment

LinkGreen's EDI technology automatically delivers orders into SAP which allows orders to be ready for shipment within 15 minutes of order submission.
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Offer Retailers Convenient Online Ordering 

Offer your customers an online ordering solution that is built to meet their specific wholesale ordering needs. Provide them easy access to all your product information and media assets for marketing purposes. 


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Streamline Sales Rep Order Submissions

Equip your sales team with mobile customer ordering and automatically receive sales rep submitted orders into your internal system. Place and fulfill wholesale orders efficiently and accurately with EDI integration.  

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