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Nurture your business with online ordering and watch it grow.

Online Order Management and ERP Integration for the Nursery industry.

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Reduce time spent managing orders and improve order accuracy.

Empower your staff to create and track special orders efficiently using LinkGreen Connect.

Place orders with confidence knowing that you have full visibility to supplier real-time pricing.

Thrill your customers by offering more. With LinkGreen Connect, you have full access to high-definition product catalogs showing every product from every one of your suppliers.

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Customer Success Story

Kato's Nursery was looking for a solution to their constantly changing inventory and how to convey those changes in real-time to their customers. Developing a full-integrated website with LinkGreen Sites™ was the answer. 

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Eliminate manual entry errors with a single order management process.

Electronic orders automate all your labeling and phytosanitary requirements for your business, eliminating the need for manual entry and tracking.

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Getting started with LinkGreen to power our online ordering for wholesale was easier than we ever thought. Connecting with them was simple and they made sure our nursery was set up to start the season right. They are even integrating LinkGreen with my current ERP system so both work as one.
- Winkelmolen Nurseries
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Empower your sales reps with mobile ordering.

Your sales reps can easily flip through your catalog, place orders and track customer order history effortlessly, while on-site.

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Integrate with open APIs that do the work, so you don't have to.

Provide customers with real-time data on your products and current inventory, while automatically receiving orders directly into your ERP system.

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