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Product Information Management

A fast and easy way for retailers to receive and manage accurate vendor product information and deliver it throughout their sales and marketing channels.

A Seamless Product Information Management Application

Digtial Asset management for wholesale

Media Asset Library

Access all your vendors up to date media assets directly and deliver it to your customers with ease. LinkGreen’s PIM offers you centralized media asset management that can integrate with your sales and marketing channels.


Product Information Management

Receive the correct product information from your vendors every time. Eliminate product data errors by using a centralized product information management application. No more information siloes, old excel sheets and out of date marketing materials.


Automate Product Data Updates 

LinkGreen’s PIM integrates with your Point of Sale (POS) system to fully automate product data updates. Reduce your manual administration and entry errors of product information set up and updates with data integration and automation. 


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Sell more and manage less.


Harness vendor product data to populate an Omni-channel digital sales strategy for your retail store. From Endless aisle to B2C e-commerce, LinkGreen's PIM seamlessly distributes product data through all your sales channels. 


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Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Deliver a leading shopping experience by ensuring each customer walks away with the perfect product. LinkGreen makes endless aisle easy by delivering vendor product data for special orders and online sales. 


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Media Asst Library to help maintain brand consistency

Create Marketing Content with Ease

LinkGreen's Media Asset Library centralizes all your vendor digital media assets providing you easy access to product images, MSDS sheets and more. Create your own flyers and marketing content with ease. 

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