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Our mission is to maintain excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations in order to deliver high quality plants and services that meet or exceed our customers' unique needs and expectations.

Bron & Sons Nursery began in Grand Forks, BC in 1988 on a 20 acre field; today we have grown to approximately 100 acres of container production. We are a wholesale exclusive company, specializing in cold hardy, container grown nursery stock.Our unique climate and growing conditions as well as hardy seed sources allow us to produce a wide variety of hardy, high quality, retail ready plants, well suited to colder climates.

We are committed to the best customer service in the business. Whether you are a wholesale nursery, retail garden centre, or a landscaping company, we would love the opportunity to show you why our existing customers keep coming back!
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Contact Person:

Ed Bron


3315 Carson Rd
Grand Forks, BC