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" Fafard is specialized in the sale of top performing soil for greenhouse and nursery producers"

For 75 years, Fafard stands out from competition thanks to the quality, performance and innovation of its products. Today, the family business shows its colours under two distinct brands. Each of them are unique and owe their success to a common denominator : passion for horticulture.

Since its beginning, Fafard is specialized in the sale of top performing soil for greenhouse and nursery producers. Thanks in part to the exceptional quality of its peat and the expertise of its research and development team, Fafard develops and provides a complete range of substrate, which are tailored to specific cultural needs.

Inspired by its professional expertise, Fafard brand is distinguished for its high-end look and its performance products. Available exclusively to consumers via the various specialized garden in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, Fafard provides a full range of horticultural products, from topsoil to soil cover. Easy to use, Fafard products help home gardeners in achieving their various gardening projects. It is not surprising that it is the most famous brand in Quebec !


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Mircle Grow ortho rup
Mircle-Gro Ortho Roundup
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Tomcat   Natures Care   Scotts 


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