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Floral Dimensions Wholesale Online Ordering

Vegetables Annuals and Containers Tropical, Cactus and Succulents

"Floral Dimensions specializes in growing easy care desert succulents for the home and patio."

Floral Dimensions is a family owned greenhouse and flower farm located just outside the village of Fenwick, Ontario. Seasonal products grown in our greenhouses include: Patio Succulents, Patio Fresh Flowers, Hanging Baskets, Patio Fresh Vegetables, Patio Fresh Fruit, fresh vegetables. Floral Dimensions has a garden center on the farm and we ship wholesale plants to many garden centers in Ontario. Our brokers provide Floral Dimensions products throughout Canada and the USA.

We grow our plants with a strong commitment to following basic rules of nature. We are proud of our new water treatment system that provides clean water with high levels of dissolved oxygen. This dissolved oxygen provides nature’s beneficial soil organisms the environment they need, insuring healthy roots and healthy plants.

Year round, Floral Dimensions specializes in growing easy care desert succulents for the home and patio. A variety of dish garden designs make for a trendy choice of plants.
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Marian Damm, Owner


906 Hwy 20 W
Fenwick, ON,