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Garden Essentials Online Ordering

Garden Centre Supplies Iron Supplier Spotlight

Garden Essentials is a full garden, landscape and custom potting maintenance provider while also creating our own wonderful line of garden products!

Our Practical Plant Supports are a division of Garden Essentials and each piece is created right here in sunny Calgary, Alberta! Created for gardeners by gardeners for over 20 years; we not only hand bend our own designs but we purchase our iron locally! All our designs are made with raw iron that develops a beautiful rich brown patina – maintenance free and designed to permanently stay in the gardens or container for winter interest. With new designs being created every year, you will have to check out our list of retailers that is building every day!

From distributors to large retailers, and every small greenhouse to landscaping company in between, Sami will be pleased to assist you with all your sales and service requirements for our entire line of iron products.
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Contact Person:

Sami Ladner-Zech, Sales Manager


243015 Boundary Road
Calgary, AB