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"With the shade solutions of Nesling you can create an attractive, trendy and functional shade area in the garden or on the patio."

How Trendy and Functional Go Hand in Hand!

The fact that trendy and functional can go hand in hand is something Nesling believes in. The Nesling Coolfit shade sails, harmonica shade canopies and roller blinds are made of strong HDPE fabric with a UV filter that blocks up to 95% of the damaging UV rays. So it is very functional, but what is perhaps just as important: you are creating an enjoyable and attractive place in your garden!

Nesling has introduced the shade canopies on a large scale in the Netherlands in 2005. Inspired on the shade sails that are used a lot in Australia and New Zealand, we have developed our own shade concept. Next to shade sails the assortment is extended with hydophobic shade sails, harmonica canvases, roller blinds and fastening materials. Now, 8 years later, we are a successful market leader with a complete shade concept and we are available at more than 250 outlets in the Benelux.

Nesling delivers quality. That is not just noticeable by the firmly woven polyester (280 gr/m2 woven HDPE fabric) but you can also see it by by the finishing of our canvases. To install your canvas we supply fastening materials of AISI 316 quality. This represents the highest quality Stainless steel that is available on the market. If you are not satisfied with our quality, we will solve this. You can count on that.


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