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The Omega Christmas Tree Stand is unlike anything on the market.Its unique design solves many of the problems inherent to most tree stands. 

Omega Plastics Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer dedicated to developing, designing, and bringing to market new and novel products. We take great pride in manufacturing all of our products right here in Ontario, Canada ensuring unsurpassed quality and helping to sustain our manufacturing base.

Established in 2003, Omega gained national attention by becoming one of the most successful products ever featured on Canada's Dragons' Den. The products have been featured and reviewed on many television shows and publications. The original tree stand has been described as "The Marriage Saver" and "The One Woman Stand". Co-Inventor Sue became a fan favorite on Dragons' Den for her three appearances and back and forth banter with the show's resident villain; Kevin O'Leary.Over the past 14 years, Omega has continued to grow and add new products to their offering and has stayed true to their belief of providing great service and products made here in Canada.


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Contact Person:

Grant, Sales Manager


P.O. Box 171
Midland, ON