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Turf Barn Online Ordering

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We offer you high quality artificial turf at the best price either pre-booked or as needed, just let us know!

Our philosophy at Turf Barn is to provide buyers, installers and contractors with all your synthetic turf accessories under one roof. The Turf Barn team has been installing artificial turf since 2005 and realize there are many options and accessories; some are better for performance, while some are better designed for price. It is our goal to provide you with a choice of quality products through an efficient method of delivery. At Turf Barn, everything you need is under one roof!

It’s our goal to help you sell turf to more customers and not take sales from you while also having the option to re-brand the artificial turf to promote your business.

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Contact Person:

Mitch Stickney
1 -888-258-5385


301 Highway 33
Kelowna, BC
V1X 1X8