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Our goal is to share our patented growing system and form a network of micro farms internationally that provide a reliable source of local, organic produce.

West Coast Microgreens Inc. is the distributor of the JackPot Aeration Container. Our product results in greater air root pruning, preventing root spiralling, leading to healthier, larger and faster nursery tree/shrub growing.

Traditional plastic container growing has numerous inherent problems, especially circling roots, splitting containers, tree blow-overs and high root zone temperatures. The severity of this root-circling problem was dramatically demonstrated during Florida’s Hurricane Andrew in August 1992. Many of the trees blown over in the hurricane showed evidence of never having outgrown the root-circling pattern they established when grown in conventional plastic nursery containers. Because of this, the trees were never able to properly anchor themselves when planted. Hurricane Andrew showed how serious this root-circling problem could be and the importance of finding a container production method that was practical and cost-effective, that provided air-root pruning to prevent spiralling roots.
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