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XLB Palm Trees hand selects the inventory from our own supply in Homestead, Florida. Every palm and tropical plant is shipped and packaged with care, arriving at our Greenhouse in Ontario in a matter of days, guaranteeing the highest quality product to you.

XLB Palm Trees, Canada's palm tree specialist, provides Premier Garden Centres, 5 Star Hotels and Resorts, World Class Restaurants and Home Owners throughout North America with the opportunity to create custom tropical designs into their landscaping portfolio.  To enhance your outdoor lifestyle with unique spaces, XLB Palm Trees offers tropical plants and cold hardy palms. 

XLB Palm Trees carries both cold hardy and tropical palms. Our exotic Grade A palms are grown under the Florida sunshine creating strong and pest tolerant varieties. Our palms are very healthy because they come direct from my palm tree nursery in South Florida arriving fresh and vibrant. We provide wholesale, retail, palm tree and exotic tropical rentals and winter storage.


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