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A Virtual Trade Show Platform Actually Designed for Placing Orders

Your customers and vendors are accustomed to attending the buying show you have hosted year over year....but now things are a bit different.

We have created the technology to take your traditional trade show to a powerful online experience. 

Complex enough to handle your pricing levels and deals yet simple enough for users to navigate and place orders.


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Traditional Trade Show

Limitations on attendees due to geography / budget.

High cost of participation due to facility overhead fees, travel, booth materials.

Limited to only the show dates.

Lost opportunities if the booth is busy.

Consumes full days of multiple employees.

OrderEase Virtual Trade Show

Sponsorship opportunities to get more visibility.

Live chat and video conferencing.

Show specials and featured products.

Virtual catalog for each vendor with pricing tiers configured.

Notifications on desktop or mobile app when attendee is in booth, freeing up time in the day.

Not Your Ordinary Conferencing And Event Platform...

We're The Full Package Built On A Powerful Booking Engine

The virtual trade show platform leverages the power of our industry leading order management technology. 

Book sales, process orders, engage with your visitors, you'll never do a live booking show again without running a virtual show with the OrderEase platform at the same time!


Ready To See It In Action?


Why It Works...

We understand the B2B Supplier / Member / Buying Group needs.


Virtual Trade Show Ordering Functionality

A True Buying Show Experience

(Your Order Desk Will Love You)

Incredibly intuitive, easy to navigate and place orders.

Order cart to send booking orders.

Digital catalog and inventory.

Customer unique pricing / buyer groups and pricing level support.

Shipping data / delivery address on orders.

Limit visibility of product based on customer groupings.

Autosave is enabled, orders won't get dropped or lost.

Syncs with your order desk!

Simple Virtual Trade Show Floor Navigation

Simple Navigation

View the exhibitor floor plan.

View vendors by category.

Search vendors.

See vendors alphabetically.

Multiple category selection for vendors.


Trade Show Booth Screen with Featured Products

Boost Sales with Featured Products and Show Specials

Landing page for each vendor.

New products.

Show specials.

Show terms.

Videos of interest.

Catalogs to order from.

Exhibitors can have control over adding their content such as pdf's, videos, images, show specials, etc.

Engage with Video and Chat

Many Ways To Engage

Mobile App and Desktop notifications so you aren't wasting time waiting for visitors.

Connection requests.

Video and text chat embedded within the trade show.

Sales reps can set status for online or unavailable.

Messages can be sent to your cell phone when offline.

Video Conferencing for Tradeshows

Video Conferencing

Up to 50 people can participate on a video chat at the same time.

Conference your way with your video conference technology of choice including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more!

Video and chat can be initiated by either the sales rep or the attendee.

Host seminars and break-out sessions.

Tradeshow Operator Customization

Show Operator Branding, Event Login Page and Home Page

Customize the trade show to fit your brand.

Highlight show specials, sponsorships, news, event schedule and more on the home page of your event.

Custom login page with show countdown timer.

Enhanced Buying Experience for Existing OrderEase Users

Your existing account information is automatically synced with the trade show app.

See order history for each supplier to easily re-order.

Access to favorites within your existing OrderEase account.


What Are You Waiting For, Take A Tour


Fully Customizable Show Packages
Flexible Pricing
Designed For Profitability

This is only an example of what packages you can do...show operators have the ability and flexibility to develop their OWN configuration!

Virtual Trade Show Sample Packages

Running Your Show Takes 4 Simple Steps...
Here's How It Works

Book a Date

Book Your Show Package


Customize Your Show Platform

Upload Catalog

Load Vendor Catalogs


Invite Attendees

Take The Next Step, You Won't Be Disappointed!

The capabilities of the OrderEase trade show platform far exceeds anything else in the market for buying style trade shows.  The post-show options to continue offering an eCommerce platform for your vendors provides significant value to your business and theirs.

Frequently Asked Questions


The event can last for as long as you like, but most companies opt for an event that remains live for 2 to 3 days.

This all depends on the level of customization and how many exhibitors will be at the trade show. Timelines are given on a case-by-case basis.

The OrderEase Trade Show runs on the cloud so you or your participants do not need to install any software to access the online trade show. All you need is an internet browser and a stable internet connection.

The Trade Show platform can handle an unlimited number of exhibitor booths and can manage thousands of visitors at any given time.

All products will have an image, product description and product specs as well as a full catalog of all products. The buyer can search by categories, name or product number to find their desired products. The exhibitor can also have a featured section at the top when the buyer looks at the catalog and have custom files added to their booth for easy download and viewing.

Each event will have a dedicated OrderEase customer service rep that will be available to help vendors, sales reps and operators with any troubleshooting or issues that may be experiencing. It will open up as a zoom call so we can share screens and see exactly what is happening and help resolve any issues.

You will be able to see... 

  • How many people are in attendance at any given time as well as peak attendance and the overall days attendance. 
  • How many booths have been visited.
  • Sales numbers and quantities by vendor, rep and groups.
  • Unsubmitted orders
  • You will also be able to easily send mass messages to all attendees or all exhibitors quickly for any important announcements.

All of this will be under the “Show Admin” section in the top navigation.


For the best experience we suggest using google Chrome.

Once you register for the booking show you will get an email from the organiser with all the information you will need to login.

Once you enter the exhibitor hall there are a couple ways that you can visit vendors and browse their catalogs. You can click on their logo in their booth, you can either search or scroll through the exhibitor list on the left hand side of the screen, or if you don’t know the name of the vendor you are looking for you can select categories (right beside the booth map button near the top of the screen) and a list of vendors that operate in that category will pop up.

Absolutely! When you are looking at a vendor in an exhibitor list (whether in the actual exhibitor list OR when you click on a category), you simply need to click on the star to the right of their name and fill it in,save them as a favorite. You can get to your favourite list by going to the left side of your screen and selecting the ‘Favorites’ tab in the exhibitor list.

Once you select a vendor and go to their booth there will be a button that says ‘See Our Catalog’ just under the company description, once you click  on it, the catalog will open and a pop up will appear with the hot buys or special promotions, once you read that you can close it and browse the entire catalog!

When in the catalog you can view by list or tile, but the ordering process will remain the same. All products will be listed by special pricing or categories. To order you simply put in the quantity you want in the empty box either to the right (list view) or underneath (tile view) and click the ‘+’ button to add to your cart. Note: If the product is sold in a case it will indicate this right beside the quantity box, ie- 12/case. Therefore the order quantity you put in will be by the case. All of your orders will be added to your cart, which can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen in the little truck symbol. Simply click on this, you can edit your order or submit from there!

If you know the vendor that sells the specific product you want, you can visit their catalog and search by either the product code or the product name. You can also add a product to ‘My Products’ for easy future access by clicking the heart to the right on the catalog view or clicking the button ‘Add To My Products’ when you are looking at the product details.

Yes! There is a tab at the top that will showcase all new products separated out by the vendor.

Yes! When you go to your cart you can edit, submit or save your order. If you save it you can come back to it later and submit or further edit it. 

The OrderEase platform autosaves every order anytime you make a quantity change, so if for any reason you lose internet connection your order will be waiting as it was when you get back online!

Definitely. Once you’ve placed an order there is an easy way to duplicate and pick another ship date for the second order. If you go to the order you want to duplicate by clicking the ‘Orders' button at the top of the page, open the order you want to duplicate, and at the top there will be a button that says ‘Re-Order These Items’, click it and then simply change the ship date.

On the right hand side of the screen there is a messaging section that will list all the people that are logged in. This will include support, sales reps, retailers and vendors, all available to chat or have a zoom call! If you know the person's name you want to chat with you can search to find them quicker and also add them to your favorites list for easy access later.

There will be a support chat in the top right of the screen to talk to tech support. We can chat or have a zoom call to troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.

When you submit an order it will ask you if you would like to print your order summary. When you click print it will open the order summary as a PDF in your browser where you can opt to save it as a PDF or print it out for a physical copy.


You (or sometimes the organizer of the trade show) sends us the up-to-date catalogs (in XLS or CSV format), logos, any pdfs, videos and pricing information and we do the rest!

There is a designated area that will showcase all new products segmented by vendor that is in the top navigation area. You can also have featured items in your catalog that will appear first in your catalog.

It is up to the host of the trade show, but new vendors can be highlighted a number of different ways, there can be a logo slider on the homepage of the show, or there can be a ‘NEW’ sticker added to their logo so when someone is viewing the booth map they can be easily identified.

Yes, you will be able to see the number of people in your booth as well as who they are at any given time, whether it was yesterday or at that very moment.

You can easily chat with anyone that is online at the trade show. Simply scroll through the list of attendees on the right or search by name and start a conversation. You will also know who is in your booth so you can engage with them.

Yes! When you are logged in you will have the ability to text or video chat with all attendees of the trade show. Simply scroll through the list of attendees on the right or search by name and start a conversation.

The buyer attempting to video chat will be notified that you are currently busy and engaged in a video chat currently. So they can either send a message and say that they would like to schedule a time to talk or try again later.

Yes! You can add custom notes to each product individually or a general note for the entire order. When you are looking at your order before you submit you will be able to add a generic note there, or looking at your order summary list you can add notes to specific products.

You will have full insights into what is happening in your booth. You will be able to see all orders as they come in, you will also be able to see any orders that were started but not completed. This gives you a great starting point to reach out to people to see if they have any questions.