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The Pet Supply Industry

How Digitally Connecting the Pet Industry Supply Chain Leads to More Sales, Less Errors, Reduced Labor and Expanded Distribution

The Big Picture

The pet supply industry is large and booming!  Most businesses are experiencing growth, and with that comes more orders...being sent and being received.

A large portion of these orders are being done via email, phone, PDF PO's or excel sheets...even EDI.  Right now, you don't have a way to send or received all of these different types of orders digitally...or even have access to digital product info.

The OrderEase ecosystem connects all of the supply chain dots to create a fully digitally connected industry.



Whether connected as a complete ecosystem or as individual digital enablement points within the supply chain, OrderEase provides ROI and value-added digital transformation at any point of implementation.

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More than 400 Suppliers in the Pet Supply Industry have used OrderEase. ....................................

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More than 10 Distributors in the Pet Supply Industry have used OrderEase. ................................

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More than 1,500 Retailers have placed orders with suppliers and distributors using OrderEase.

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A national virtual trade show for an association was hosted using OrderEase as the ordering technology.

🐾 Pet Supply Industry Suppliers 🐾

As the B2B wholesale selling and buying landscape changes and embraces digital transformation, you are definitely experiencing the growing pains.  More demands are being put on your business to provide product information in a digital way.  Your sales reps are experiencing increased sales volume, but they are still working with old systems to get these orders to the order desk, and constantly asking about inventory status or verifying customer pricing.

The volumes of orders coming from every direction in every different way of ordering - phone, email, PDF's, excel sheets, texts, you name it - is at most times unmanageable for your order desk.  The amount of communication time and order entry error fixing takes away from time needed to manage the rest of the daily operations.

If there was a way, an easy way, to reduce a lot of this noise, would you be interested to find out how?

Think about what it would be like if your ERP system only had to be connected to one external system which then acted as the hub for all other connections and interactions.  The reduction on the load for your technical team to manage multiple systems is significant, and the opportunity to enable digital transformation across all types of buyers is exponential.

One connection to OrderEase can open up all connections to eCommerce, marketplaces, EDI ordering, Excel and or PDF ordering, sales rep ordering, wholesale customer ordering from both distributors and retailers, and more.


🐾 Pet Supply Industry Distributors 🐾

Being a distributor in the pet supply industry puts you in the middle...you are both a buyer from your suppliers, as well as a seller to your retailers or other sales channels.  This adds to the complexities of your digital transformation initiatives.

BUT, there is a solution!

The ability to use ONE technology to connect your business to your suppliers as well as with your buyers is priceless!

OrderEase sits in the middle as the hub of product and transactional data.  Connecting once to your ERP with OrderEase gives you the ability to pull in supplier product and pricing data, place orders with suppliers, as well as generate digital product catalogs for your buyers to access configured with their specific pricing.

Pet Supply Industry Retailers and Wholesale Buyers

The struggle of independent retailers to have an easier way to purchase wholesale products is the exact reason why OrderEase was developed!  We understand the pain you go through with all of the different ways you need to place orders with each supplier, and all of the various sales reps you deal with, not to mention the lack of visibility to supplier inventory.  Our co-founder, Warren Patterson, owned and operated an independent garden center for years and these were his biggest problems he was determined to solve.

With your supplier products and availability at your fingertips with a single B2B order management portal, you can spend more time serving your customers vs jumping in and out of each different solution your suppliers have been offering you.  Plus, you can drop the supplier data right into your POS once you order products...no more manual product data entry.  OR one step better...you have the option to upgrade to a POS integration and do everything right from inside your POS system such as Alice POS.

Alice POS Partnership with OrderEase

OrderEase is here and will keep doing better things to make it easier for independent retailers and wholesale buyers to do business.

Pet Supply Industry Buying Groups and Associations

Both buying groups and associations have one thing in common...they want to provide the BEST value for their members!  As a buying group, without the right technology, you are often flying blind or behind on what is actually transacting between your vendors and your members.  When it's your job to get the best value for your members, delayed opportunities to negotiate the best pricing can be frustrating.

Taking a data-first approach to see real-time transactions, product velocity, participation levels and more, you will be able to reduce churn in membership and improve negotiation intel and timelines with your vendors.

Since OrderEase is able to enhance any solution within the supply chain, offering OrderEase to your group on both the vendor and member level to digitally connect their business is something no other solution can provide.  Be a leader!

Digital Transformation Throughout the Pet Supply Industry is Only a Few Steps Away!

Step 1

Book a business discovery call with an OrderEase Account Executive.


Step 2

Determine which OrderEase solutions work for your business needs.


Step 3

Work with your designated onboarding project manger to configure and train.


Step 4





Have Questions on How OrderEase Will Benefit Your Business?

Not a problem! Here are some of the common questions we get asked. or people have on their minds even before they book a discovery call with us:


If you are selling B2B wholesale, this is for you:

We get it!  It's disruptive to a business when you need to remove existing software.  This is why we integrate with many existing software solutions.  We act as the data hub in the background making your existing solution go from a 6 to a 10!

We have some existing ERP integrations, which you will be able to find on our integrations page.  If your ERP system isn't listed, we are more than happy to speak with you to learn more and if your  ERP system is compatible, we will work with the ERP provider to develop an integration partnership.

There are other ways to pass data between an ERP system and OrderEase without a full integration, such as (S)FTP, import / export etc.  Our team can work with you to determine the best solution for your business.

Absolutely!  Your pricing plan is not related to the number of products you have for sale.  Whether you have a hundred or hundreds of thousands of products, we can handle the data.

Perfect, we're great at that!  The software architecture is built to accommodate as many "groups" of similar characteristics as you need.  Price lists and customers get assigned to groups, and groups get assigned to product catalogs.  But don't worry, your onboarding project manager will help you through all of this set up and training. 

For sure!  We can even do one better than that.  Not only can you cross-reference your distributor SKU's to your supplier SKU's to make for easy supplier ordering, but you can also have retailer SKU's cross-reference with your SKU's.  We work up and down the supply chain and have build in this ability for cross-referencing at all points to create seamless product ordering.

We often get that question / statement and the answer is complex but easy.

IF you only want a way for your buyers to only access your business to buy from, a single utility access such as BigCommerce or Shopify will be fine.  BUT if you are looking to provide the most value to your buyers, using OrderEase allow them to access your products as well as other supplier products within a single location to login and order.

IF you have sales reps, if you take orders via EDI, if you receive orders via excel sheets or PDF's, if you want to connect to additional distribution channels / marketplaces such as Amazon, WalMart AND you want everything to flow into your ERP system, THEN OrderEase is the only solution that can give you everything.

We manage this with a matrix of "Family of Product".  It's similar to having a dog collars to sell and both the size and color need to be selected.

The matrix view allows the buyer to see all options available and add their quantity of each option in a single view.  If there is a different price for any of the option variations, that can also be accommodated and shown.


If you are buying to re-sell or sell to consumers, this is for you:

Definitely!  For any of your suppliers who are using OrderEase, you will be able to access the products and pricing they have set for you.  When you place orders, you will be able to digitally pass that data through into your systems if you are integrated.

Each supplier who is on OrderEase reduces the amount of manual data entry your team needs to do.

For each supplier you have been approved to purchase from (your suppliers make these approvals), you will have access to the products and pricing assigned to your account.  You are able to place as many orders as you want with the free account.  

You can scan barcodes in your store to build orders using the OrderEase app, you can use the desktop version and build orders for each supplier, you can save and send later, and more.

We have some existing POS system integrations, which you will be able to find on our integrations page.  If your POS isn't listed, we are more than happy to speak with you to learn more and if your POS system is compatible, we will work with the POS provider to develop an integration partnership.

We have some existing eCommerce integrations, which you will be able to find on our integrations page.  If your eCommerce platform isn't listed, we are more than happy to speak with you to learn more and if your eCommerce platform is compatible, we will work with the eCommerce platform provider to develop an integration partnership.

Yes!  We have integrations with some marketplaces which will make this process a seamless experience for you.  First, you must ensure your supplier offers dropshipping.  Once that is established, your supplier will assign a dropship catalog with your wholesale pricing assigned.  You can select products you want to add to the marketplace and set your retail price for those products.  Once an order is placed in the marketplace, it will send directly to your supplier for fulfillment.

To get started with a marketplace integration, you will need to talk with one of our sales executives.

The OrderEase Ecosystem

OrderEase provides connectivity throughout the supply chain. The right products, the right prices for each customer, the right inventory, and the right integrations.

OrderEase Ecosystem - FINAL


The OrderEase Software

Whether you integrate, use OrderEase for your every day order management, or participate in an OrderEase powered trade show, the technology and the people are behind you 100%.

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