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Easy-to-Use Digital Ordering Platform Helps Alleviate Trade Show Technophobia

Posted by OrderEase on January 31, 2022

Digital ordering in-person and virtually ignites culture shift, creates sales for Prince Corporation

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[BARRIE, ON. 01.31.2022] - OrderEase, a cloud-based wholesale order management technology with all-in-one virtual trade show platform, hosted a second consecutive fall booking show for Prince Corporation, a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of agricultural, lawn and garden, and animal products. While last year’s show was a virtual-only premiere, this year evolved into a hybrid event featuring in-person ordering via the OrderEase mobile ordering app AND online ordering for those unable to attend.

“In-person trade show events are traditionally regarded as a people-focused sales centerpiece. This mentality is reinforced in legacy industries, where technology adoption generally tends to be slower. The pandemic has forced companies to re-think their digital strategies and some intuitive technologies have helped ease adoption. Our experience with the virtual show last year demonstrated that the right digital ordering technology can capture sales while improving sales operations. So this year’s hybrid buying experience became another opportunity to softly encourage a cultural shift towards incorporating digital,” states Shaun Quinlan, CEO of Prince Corporation.

“Hybrid events provide the perfect mix of people and technology to plant the seed of transformation - reshaping the way you think about B2B ordering and the way you do business,” begins Warren Patterson, CEO of OrderEase. “Buying shows need buying show technology. Digital is the new normal and as businesses continue to adopt digital order management within their day-to-day operations. It becomes even more critical to digitally transact (submit and receive orders) from high sales volume events such as a trade show, “ continues Patterson. “Increased order accuracy, reduced manual input, and valuable metrics are all key benefits of leveraging digital order management for both in-person and virtual trade shows. OrderEase technology is scalable, cost-effective and maximizes ROI potential for in-person, virtual or hybrid events.”

Technology adoption was aided through various interactive, white-glove initiatives by the OrderEase Customer Experience team. The team includes a VP customer experience, project manager, technology lead and countless support members working diligently to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish. Exhibitor onboarding was provided through a self-serve online portal with live customer support available at every turn. On-demand training videos for operators, exhibitors and attendees established a baseline technology comfort level, while updating returning users about new features. Live customer support via phone, conference, chats and emails, as well as self serve FAQ pages, were provided during the actual show itself.

From a previous live event that had no digital ordering capabilities, this Prince Corporation hybrid event captured about 20% of its orders digitally. Retail buyers, attendees of the Prince show, felt empowered with the self-serving aspect of the platform. “Click, tap or scan for fast, on-the-spot ordering or conveniently update already-submitted orders,” highlights one retail buyer. “I am more productive: visiting more booths than ever, easily connecting and expanding our vendor base,” says another retailer. Digital catalogs, product education videos, promotions and new product launches are all accessible to buyers. Vendors also see the potential beyond ordering capabilities. “Connected selling and seamless buying increases our distribution points, showcases news products and improves sales efficiencies with Prince,” states one vendor sales rep.

“We make the technology simple and intuitive. A 98% user satisfaction rating highlights why OrderEase is the go-to buying technology for buying shows,” Patterson shares. The enterprise-grade platform has successfully hosted buying shows with thousands of people. “Our robust architecture with multiple load failsafes demonstrates a high level of reliability. A cloud-based platform makes for easy, automatic updates. 100% of operators have re-booked their buying shows. Some even added more shows to their event calendars.”

“OrderEase isn’t just order management technology for trade shows - it’s a strategy for our business,” concludes Quinlan. “It will help modernize our business. It helps address the challenges distributors face: maintaining brand and product integrity; simplifying multi-channel selling via integrations; instant cost updates; real-time e-commerce market pricing; improving Drop Ship workflow; resulting in a reduction in manual orders (phone/fax/paper) and errors.”

To learn more about OrderEase, or to request a product demo, visit https://www.orderease.com/trade-show-order-management-technology or contact us at sales@orderease.com.

About OrderEase
OrderEase believes wholesale ordering can be easier—and so do more than 12,000 customers who use their solution.  The OrderEase cloud solution synchronizes retailers with wholesalers utilizing a centralized hub that connects supply chain systems with online product catalogs for fast, accurate wholesale ordering. Uniquely positioned to capitalize on streamlined wholesale ordering, OrderEase’s proven technology, growing customer base, and strategic business model make it an ideal solution for industries with complex pricing models and customer tiers. OrderEase serves multiple industries, including lawn and garden, lumber and building materials, pet supplies, craft beer, grocery, convenience, and home décor.

About Prince Corporation
Prince Corporation is a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of agricultural, lawn and garden, pet, and wild bird products. Since 1922, Prince Corporation helps customers succeed by carrying broad, diverse, and unique product lines, serving retail customers throughout the Midwest.  

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