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Independent Retailers Can Now Offer Endless Aisle Easily & Cost-Effectively

Vicky Lawrence
Posted by Vicky Lawrence on December 6, 2021

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[BARRIE, ON. 12.06.2021] - OrderEase, a cloud-based wholesale order management technology, and Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a cloud-based business management software solution, announced a strategic partnership to directly address today’s consumer demand to combine both the physical and virtual shopping experience, giving customers instant access to a vast product catalog from which to choose. 

Development has already commenced on this close integration between KCS K8 Trader, the powerful point of sale solution that is used worldwide by over 10,000 customers today, and OrderEase. This fully integrated solution is planned for release during the first quarter of 2022.  Paul Neff has joined KCS to lead this expansion into Canada and brings with him 25+ years of experience at store level and in LBM software.  Cathy Doyle has joined OrderEase to lead the implementation and support of the K8 Trader POS solution which includes the OrderEase integration. She also brings with her over 25 years of experience store level and LBM software.

This alliance will also provide independent retailers with the exciting opportunity to easily offer endless aisle in-store to their customers, enabling them to browse the catalog and order products not in stock for delivery to the store or home – and all from a single integrated business platform. Purchase orders can then be automatically generated and transmitted electronically to the vendor to streamline the supply chain and to deliver that great customer experience. With access to the extensive vendors within the OrderEase ecosystem, retailers can easily adopt new products and update vendor prices as required.


B2B Order Management Workflow

KCS-OE B2B Order Management Workflow

“The reality is, regardless of the industry, independent retailers are falling behind larger corporate retailers who have significantly invested in best-in-class supply chain technologies. They are falling behind in the ability to be responsive to changing customer expectations for how, when and where they choose to receive products and services,” says Warren Patterson, CEO of OrderEase. “This partnership between OrderEase and KCS is the key for independent retailers to manage the entire B2B order management workflow - from purchase order to invoice.” 

“It is a great opportunity for independent retailers to become more efficient and competitive against larger corporate retailers while improving the selling experience to their customers,” adds Heather Preu,  CEO KCS North America.  “KCS is very excited about this partnership and the level of technology, customer support, and service that both teams bring to the table is best-in-class.”

The pitch to retailers for these cloud-based technologies is two-fold: implement or upgrade to a modern Point-Of-Sale (POS) system; then use it as an integration point to be the hub of digital product data with the flexibility to communicate with both supplier and retailer technology. Digitizing the fundamental connections across key players in the supply chain creates a modern business model: an end-to-end digitally-enabled supply chain network.

End-to-end digitally-enabled supply chain network

End-to-end digitally-enabled supply chain network-1

One of the biggest challenges independent dealers are having is managing inventory including catalogs, pricing, and maintenance in a timely fashion.  The other challenge many dealers have is using a POS system much too complex for their business at a significant upfront and ongoing cost.  This partnership is positioned to help alleviate both of these challenges. “Independent retailers coming up against end-of-life or significant upgrade requirement situations with their current POS systems, are left to find a replacement in a world where there are so many options,” explains Preu. “By adopting KCS Trader POS - a quick-implementing, POS system with enhanced accounting functionality -  independent retailers can now future-proof their business and begin to compete against Tier 1 retailers.”  

The modern POS then becomes a key integration point with OrderEase technology. Until now, independent retailer POS systems didn’t have the ability to pull in supplier data - everything was manually keyed in.  Patterson further elaborates, “This allows for better access to available inventory, better in-store, and online experience, and providing retailers with supplier fulfillment eCommerce capabilities (endless aisle) to address the demands of today’s consumers.”

“OrderEase connects disparate systems and as a hub, opens up the opportunity to directly connect with vendor data, allowing retailers to access and pull supplier product information into their POS and eCommerce systems, as well as digitally place orders into their supplier systems straight from their POS,” Patterson describes. “The bottom line is that regardless of the systems used, the systems need to be connected to eliminate information latency. Aggregating data from all systems can help deliver the best customer experience possible. This modern solution meets the needs of small to medium enterprises with a wide range of innovative features. It makes costing, product information updates, and adding new products a digital transaction.  Retailers who leverage this technology partnership will also enjoy endless aisle capabilities with accurate product information, pricing, and inventory directly from the supplier.”  

The timing of the partnership comes at an opportune time. The sudden onset of change was a wake-up call because it exposed weaknesses in the ability to manage supply chains. Any weak links in the supply chain will be realized by customers.   “Volatile building material markets for pricing and supply has increased intensity for retailers to keep up with maintaining their POS systems.  Now, retailers will finally be able to access real-time pricing and inventory straight into their POS and eCommerce systems,” states Preu.  "With KCS and OrderEase experience in North American LBM, this industry will become one step closer to a fully integrated wholesale ecosystem."

To learn more, Kerridge and OrderEase will be exhibiting at upcoming Canadian LBM industry events in 2022 including:

WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase
January 19-21, 2022
Winnipeg RBC Convention Centre

To learn more about OrderEase and Kerridge Commercial Systems, or to request a product demo, visit www.orderease.com/oe-kcs or contact us at sales@orderease.com


About OrderEase

OrderEase  believes wholesale ordering can be easier—and so do more than 12,000 customers who use their solution. The OrderEase cloud solution synchronizes retailers with wholesalers utilizing a centralized hub that connects supply chain systems with online product catalogs for fast, accurate wholesale ordering. Uniquely positioned to capitalize on streamlined wholesale ordering, OrderEase’s proven technology, growing customer base, and strategic business model makes it an ideal solution for industries with complex pricing models and customer tiers.

OrderEase serves multiple industries, including lawn and garden, lumber and building materials, pet supplies, craft beer, grocery, convenience, and home décor.

About Kerridge Commercial Systems

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provides specialized software, services, and support to deliver fully integrated trading and business management solutions to companies in distributive trades across the world. KCS has been in business for over 40 years, offering a comprehensive solution-based business management system, with a wide range of supporting and managed services. Kerridge Commercial Systems is an Oracle Gold Partner and Microsoft Partner.


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