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OrderEase Delivers Woo-Commerce and Shopify Capabilities to Retailers and Suppliers

Posted by OrderEase on January 7, 2019

Toronto, Ontario, January 7th, 2019 (www.orderease.com) OrderEase showcases e-commerce integrations that connect wholesale product data directly to Woo-Commerce and Shopfiy online stores at Landscape Ontario Congress. These integrations will allow businesses to expand their sales opportunities to now include direct-to-consumer online sales.

OrderEase’s customized Woo-Commerce plugin integrates directly with Wordpress websites, allowing businesses to harness their existing product data or that of their vendor and automatically populate an e-commerce experience on their website. This integration allows each business to manage all their product data through OrderEase’s interface and have it automatically update on the web store.

Pinebush Home and Garden has utilized this Woo-Commerce integration to showcase their extensive line of products to consumers and direct them to a retailer that carry their products all from their WordPress website. This increases product and brand awareness among consumers while supporting their retail partners.

“These direct to consumer e-commerce integrations help to connect the supply chain even further by offering retailers the ability to sell online and have wholesalers dropship customer orders. This opens up an additional revenue stream for both the wholesale suppliers and retailers with minimal operational disruption .” Commented Warren Patterson CEO of OrderEase.

The development and deployment of these E-commerce integrations bring great opportunities to the suppliers and retailers already utilizing OrderEase to order and sell wholesale products online. This offers an additional solution to businesses to bridge the gap between wholesale and direct to consumer sales with a streamlined product and operational management through a single technology.

For further information, please contact:

Warren Patterson, CEO                                                    

Telephone: 1(888) 476-6527

Email: warren.patterson@OrderEase.com

About OrderEase

OrderEase (www.orderease.com) is a technology solution that connects industry supply chains to make wholesale buying and selling fast and easy. The company has created a fully connected and integrated supply chain that provides innovative operational efficiencies, modern sales, and marketing opportunities, and familiar digital ordering experience for suppliers, distributors, and retailers. Now in its fourth year of operation, OrderEase serves multiple industries, including Lumber & Building Materials, Greenhouse, Nursery & Floriculture, Lawn & Garden, Cannabis, and Home Decor. With over $765 million in vendor supply available, there are more than 4,500 registered wholesale buyers who now enjoy an electronic supply chain.

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