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LinkGreen Rebrands and Changes its Name to OrderEase

Posted by Chris Adams on January 13, 2020

Barrie, Ontario - LinkGreen has seen tremendous growth over the last year, and they're taking another big step forward by officially rebranding and changing their name to "OrderEase". The new name is more in line with their paperless wholesale order management solution, which simplifies ordering for retailers and wholesalers in a wide variety of sectors.
"We have gone through a real transition from our inception to where we are today," said Warren Patterson, President & CEO of OrderEase (Formerly LinkGreen). He added, "We are in rapid growth mode and our technology allows us to go deep both vertically and horizontally"

They will also continue to evolve their product offer and pledge to continue to only provide the highest level of service and value to their existing customers. They will also use their new brand to better position themselves as a solution to potential customers that are struggling with an antiquated and inefficient paper/phone/fax-based ordering system.

Incredibly, over $7.3 trillion in B2B transactions are still conducted manually by phone, fax and email.

This leaves those companies vulnerable to:

  1. Mistakes
  2. Returned orders and credits
  3. Frequent delays and waste
  4. Customers leaving them for more modern competitors

These companies can see their profits eroded by the problems caused by legacy systems. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

About OrderEase
OrderEase (formerly LinkGreen) believes that wholesale ordering should be easier…and so do over 6,000 customers on their platform.

The OrderEase cloud solution connects wholesalers to all their channels through online product catalogues and a centralized order hub for faster, more accurate wholesale ordering. They are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity with its proven technology, growing customer base and leverageable business model.

Now in their fourth year of operation, they serve multiple industries, including lumber & building materials, grocery, greenhouse, nursery & floriculture, lawn & garden, cannabis, and home decor.


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