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Niagara College Partners with Last Call Analytics to Enhance Beverage Business Management Program

Posted by OrderEase on May 21, 2024

Last Call Analytics and Niagara College provide program to teach tech skills in their Beverage Business Management course

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[BARRIE, ON. 10.21.2024] -  Last Call Analytics, a leader in data-driven solutions for the beverage alcohol industry, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Niagara College. This collaboration, which began in January 2024, integrates Last Call Analytics software into the Beverage Business Management (BBM) program, providing students with unparalleled industry insights and practical experience.

Over the past semester, students in the BBM program have engaged deeply with Last Call Analytics tools, learning to navigate complex market analyses and apply their knowledge to real-world business challenges. The course, crafted by educational and industry experts, focuses on market evaluation, identifying gaps, and spotting opportunities within the alcoholic beverage sector.

The partnership benefits both Last Call Analytics and Niagara College in multiple ways. For Last Call Analytics, the collaboration opens doors to connect with budding professionals who will soon enter the beverage alcohol market, promoting education and increasing knowledge of data-driven strategies in sales, marketing, and industry analysis. Niagara College students, on the other hand, gain critical industry exposure and hands-on experience with software that is recognized and used extensively by companies across Canada and the United States.

Peter Rod, Program Coordinator and Professor at Niagara College, emphasized the long-term vision of this partnership, stating, “We hope to create a lasting relationship with Last Call Analytics and include the software in our curriculum in future semesters. It will be an important credential to enhance the employability of our graduates as this software is used by more than 100 top alcoholic beverage companies in Canada and the United States.”

Students have not only gained technical proficiency in using the Last Call Analytics software but have also benefited from guest lectures by esteemed industry professionals from winery Henry of Pelham and emerging brand Happy Dad. These sessions have provided invaluable industry insights and networking opportunities, preparing students for successful careers in the beverage alcohol sector.

Looking ahead, Niagara College and Last Call Analytics are committed to continuing this fruitful partnership. Plans are already underway to establish a certification program aligned with industry standards, further enhancing the value and relevance of the BBM program.

Matt Bannister from Last Call Analytics shared, “I think the greatest advantage for students learning Last Call Analytics is equipping them with key software knowledge and capabilities before they enter the workforce. Having expertise in Last Call Analytics on their resume will give them a competitive edge in the job market and enhance their employability.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the education and preparation of future leaders in the beverage alcohol industry, ensuring that Niagara College continues to be at the forefront of industry-aligned educational offerings.

About Last Call Analytics

Last Call Analytics is a robust retail analytics platform providing insights that support sales team sales targeting as well as operations forecasting.  With the primary focus historically in the alcohol industry, the future goal of Last Call Analytics will be to provide these analytical insights for a broader industry segment. The demand for data driven decisions is now more critical than ever to foster competitive edges as well as lean workforces.

About Niagara College

Niagara College has a full-time enrolment of more than 11,000 students from over 95 countries, who study in 130 diploma, certificate and bachelor’s degree programs at specialized campuses in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake. Niagara College is also involved in educational projects and partnerships around the world and is consistently ranked among Canada’s top 10 colleges for research funding. Among its renowned programs, the Beverage Business Management program is designed to prepare students for successful careers in the beverage alcohol industry through comprehensive education and practical experience. Learn more at niagaracollege.ca


To learn more about Last Call Analytics contact us at info@lastcallanalytics.com 

Last Call Analytics Contact

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Director of Sales - Analytics

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Barrie ON

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Phone: (416) 568-0295

Email: matt.bannister@lastcallanalytics.com 


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