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Rapid and Meaningful ROI

In many cases, OrderEase can deliver positive cashflow just a few months after deployment. OrderEase pricing, based on usage, amounts to less than 1% of order value. Our ROI calculator demonstrates immediate cost savings far in excess of the monthly OrderEase fee.


EDI & PDF Scrape

Starting at $80 / month.

Transaction fee for volume is $0.65 to $1.50 per document.

OrderEase Solutions

A Solution That Works For You

Take your B2B ordering process online.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual paperwork and unnecessary admin work.

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OrderEase is FREE for retailers who are looking to digitally purchase from their wholesalers, making the ordering process more efficient and automated. To further automate and integrate the ordering process with POS and eCommerce systems, add-on features are available.

Point of Sale Integrations


Purchase Order Delivery

$200 per month (free for the first 24 months).

Upload Catalog

Wholesaler Catalogs

First 5 - No charge.

6 to 15 - $100 per month.

16 to 40 - $200 per month.

41 to 100 - $400 per month.

101 or more - $800 per month.


Electronic Invoice & Receiving Slip

$1.50 per document.


eCommerce Integrations


Vendor Catalogs & Store Inventory

$75 per month.

single store

Single Store Vendor Fulfillment

$150 per month.

Includes vendor catalog and store inventory.

multiple stores

Multi Store Vendor Fulfillment

$300 per month.

Includes vendor catalog and store inventory.

It's FREE And Easy To Get Started!

Start automating your ordering process with your wholesalers today.
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Our pricing packages are just as unique as your buying group.  Let's talk to learn more.

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Flexible pricing packages to ensure you are able to operate a profitable virtual trade show.  Connect with our sales team to discover what is right for your business.

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