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Discover the Power of a Modern POS Solution with an OrderEase Integration

Cloud-Based POS with OrderEase


Experience OUR Difference

Modern POS

  • Cloud-based for improved accessibility and security.
  • Industry-specific POS features.
  • Powerful inventory management.
  • Easy and affordable scalability.
  • Quick to install.

OrderEase Plus


  • Synchronize supplier catalogs into the POS.
  • Generate supplier orders directly from  the POS.
  • Push product data / images into the POS and integrated eCommerce store.

OrderEase EqualsLeveling the playing field against big box retailers!


No Obligation Discovery Call

POS Integration Partners

OrderEase works with many modern POS providers who specialize in specific industries and functionalities.  With a discovery call, our OrderEase Technical Sales team will be able to connect you with one of our great partners OR work with you to explore an integration with your POS system.