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Wholesale Ordering From Multiple Suppliers With A Single Login

One Account. One Login. All Access.

OrderEase Makes Wholesale Buying Fast and Easy

Unify supplier management in an easy to use online ordering app.

Time Savings = Less Stress

Your wholesale ordering will become more efficient when using the web and mobile apps to do paperless ordering.  Not to mention the convenient barcode scanning functionality to scan an item and automatically put it into your order. Our technology eliminates manual work.


Increase Your Retail Sales With

Drop Shipping

One of the hottest ways to sell right now! No inventory, no product handling, no hassle. Orders push straight from your system into your suppliers system for shipping to your customer.

Endless Aisles

Not sure if a product will be a winner with your customers? No worries, add it into your eCommerce store and only order from your supplier when your customer places an order.


Quickly add products from your supplier into your POS and eCommerce system without the need for manual entry. So much time saved, so many more sales made.

Connecting To Wholesalers Is FREE For Retailers.

Get The App Today.

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Want To Take It To The Next Level?

The ability to order from your wholesalers digital catalogs from a single source is great (and Free), but let's get to amazing.  When you choose the option to integrate OrderEase with your POS system and your web store, you close the loop on becoming digital and paper free! 


POS Integration

Wholesale catalog information pushed directly into your POS system.

No manual entry of product information.

See inventory live in your POS system.

Bulk edit pricing and product updates.

eCommerce Integration

Increase your online sales with endless aisles and the ability to leverage drop shipping.

Literally host thousands of products in your web store at the push of a button.  No more manual product entry and management!

Less Frustration

  • A single login to order from multiple suppliers.
  • Automatically add product information from your supplier into your POS system or eCommerce store.
  • Spend less time sitting with your sales rep writing orders.
  • Reduction of order entry errors and incorrect shipments.

More Access

  • See and discover new products in up-to-date digital supplier catalogs.
  • Quick access to your pricing and discount levels.
  • Visibility to inventory levels at your suppliers warehouse.
  • Re-orders are easier using your order history and favorites.

Stop The Insanity!

Have you enabled eCommerce for your store?

If you have more than 10 products in your eCommerce store, you will 100% understand how FRUSTRATING and TIME CONSUMING it is to load product information, pricing, inventory and all of the other details hundreds of times over.

Consider this...all of the product information, pricing, inventory and images automatically pushing into your web store. 

Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Even if a price changes at your wholesaler, your web store automatically reflects the price change including the margin you set.


Well, it's possible when you integrate with OrderEase. 

The question is WHY WOULDN'T YOU?


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Now a convenient way to order nursery, home decor, and lawn and garden products directly from their suppliers online

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We Connect The Data

Most technology solutions can either provide communication for transactions between you and your wholesaler OR you and your customer BUT OrderEase has created the end-to-end order and inventory management solution

Our middleware software solution takes your supply chain technology from "ok" to "fantastic".

Retail Wholesale Ordering and POS eComm Integration Overview

ECommerce Integrations

eCommerce Integration for Shopify and WooCommerce