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Ontario Craft Brewers Association Partners with Last Call Analytics, an OrderEase Company

Posted by OrderEase on July 14, 2023

OCB Members can now leverage the data insights to drive sales and awareness for alcohol sales in Ontario.

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[BARRIE, ON. 07.13.2023] - OrderEase, the leading B2B order management solution, continues to drive engagement in the B2B landscape through the recent acquisition of Last Call Analytics.  With this synergistic blend of analytics and wholesale order management software, Last Call Analytics and the Ontario Craft Brewers Association have developed a partnership, which presents a huge opportunity for OCB members to access data and insights to empower their sales teams to capture market share.


"Last Call Analytics is thrilled to partner with the OCB. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to empowering associations with transformative software solutions. We look forward to working closely with the OCB to drive positive change within the industry."

- Matt Bannister, Last Call Analytics

Last Call Analytics has been a primary player in the alcohol retail analytics space since 2015 providing data insights to some major beer, wine, spirits and ready-to-drink companies.  Last Call Analytics is a powerful sales data analytics and visualization platform that empowers frontline sales teams and managers to identify opportunities to improve sales and profitability. The platform has become a key tool for retail operations teams in the beverage alcohol industries.


"The OCB is excited to enter into this partnership with Last Call Analytics. Their expertise in software solutions for the beverage alcohol industry aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are confident that this collaboration will bring immense value to our members. Together, we will help shape the future of our industry."

- Scott Simmons, President OCB

“Suppliers want data. You need data to win deals. A few years ago, we did a presentation to a supplier and lost to another agent because they showed data, and we didn’t. Now we can have compelling conversations backed by data when pitching new suppliers. I can’t think of where we would be without Last Call Analytics.” - Ryan Charkow, Business Development Manager at Bruce Ashley Group. 

In addition to leveraging Last Call Analytics for retail data insights, OCB members will also have access to OrderEase where they will be able to implement a solution to improve order workflow management from the various sales channels and streamline orders into integrated business systems such as their ERP or accounting system as well as logistics, distribution systems.


In a time where margins continue to tighten, creating operational efficiencies by reducing manual order management processes is a high priority.


“Within the alcohol industry, starting with the OCB members, we are determined to work through solutions with each of the players in the ecosystem to improve operational efficiencies and workflows.  We have the technology infrastructure to handle most business processes and our team is committed to customer success” states Warren Patterson, OrderEase CEO.


About OrderEase

OrderEase is a leading order management solution that provides real-time order processing, multiple pricing levels and discount automation, and a mobile sales rep app. With seamless integrations with sales channels, order management workflows from cash to invoice including ERP and accounting systems, logistics, 3PL, and inventory systems are achieved creating operational efficiencies.

About Last Call Analytics

Last Call Analytics is a robust retail analytics platform providing insights that support sales team sales targeting as well as operations forecasting.  With the primary focus historically in the alcohol industry, the future state of Last Call Analytics will be to provide these analytical insights for a broader industry segment.  The demand for data driven decisions is now more critical than ever to support competitive edge as well as lean workforces. 


To learn more about OrderEase contact us at sales@orderease.com

To learn more about Last Call Analytics contact us at info@lastcallanalytcis.com 


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