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Reduce manual order desk and operational inefficiencies with digital output.

Any way you receive an order...PDF, Excel, Sales Rep, Customer Submitted, or EDI...OrderEase is the hub that digitally translates the order data for quick and easy input into your ERP system.

We connect information between your business and your customers.

View data by product, by customer, by sales rep at any given time, instantly in an easy-to-use interface.

Operational Effectiveness Achieved By

Be The Leader!

Compete MORE EFFECTIVELY in the marketplace.

Now is the time to embrace the power to vault your business to being DIGITALLY RELEVANT.

In today's competitive market, you only win by embracing data that matters.

Where's your data coming from?


Leveraging the ability to integrate OrderEase into your systems to harness real-time data gives you operational efficiency AND operational effectiveness.

What's stopping you?

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Synchronized Order and Inventory Management with ERP Systems

Synchronized Order Management

Your business systems will be able to "speak" to each other communicating valuable data back and forth making your company more agile.

Bridging your business systems with your customers systems makes transactions seamless and automated.

Just an easier way to do business.

Reduce Cost of Workforce for Order Entry

Labor Efficiencies and Cost Reduction

Manual order entry will be a thing of the past.

Order entry errors and the administration of credit notes will be significantly reduced.

Seasonal fluctuations won't strain the order desk or require headcount.

Easy to adopt with minimal training.

Ways to Increase Sales With Efficient Systems

Increase Sales

Your target market is all in one place looking for new suppliers just like you.

Your sales team can quickly see customer activity, orders, and previous sales.

Your customers can have access to new products instantly and have the ability to shop "endless aisle".

Your product information can be pushed straight into their POS and eCommerce store.

Independent Wholesale Ordering App for Retailers

Empower Your Customers

Literally put the purchasing power into your customers hands through the mobile app or web portal.

Provide a digital buying experience to your customers.

Increase customer satisfaction with less frustration and more time savings.

Customer insights to previous orders and capability to save favorites.

Digital B2B eCommerce Reduces Manual Transactions and Paper Catalogs

Reduce Printing Costs

This costly and old way of doing business can easily be replaced by electronically presenting your products and pricing.

Complex pricing structures can be configured within the system.

Significantly reduce your overhead by going paperless.


Want To See How We Do This For You?

Century Drill and Tool Case Study Quote

centuryCustomers became more self-sufficient in the ordering process.

Case Study

Technology That Replaces Guess Work
With Less Work

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Real-Time Data

From high level insight dashboards showing business performance to product details and inventory levels, data drives better business decisions.


Integrates With Existing Systems

Cross communication with your systems as well with customer systems results in total ordering automation.


Reduces Labor

The demand on the order desk is reduced significantly.  Less people required to process orders saves labor costs.


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Quick and Easy ROI

Seamlessly connected systems to create a paperless supply chain with one solution.  OrderEase.

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ROI Calculator For Wholesalers

Discover the ROI Impact

We have developed an ROI calculator that quickly shows you how much you can save by embracing a digital transformation and streamlining your ordering process.

The overall business impact extends from your order desk, to your warehouse, to your sales reps, and to your customers.

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We Play Well With Others

Our ready-to-integrate solution can exchange data with any software.

Built For Your Wholesale Business

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How It Works

Wholesale Supplier Executive - Order and Inventory Management Solutions


Sales Rep App for Wholesale Ordering - Paperless Ordering


Ease of Integrations for IT - Wholesale Ordering Software


It’s Easy to Get Started!

For many businesses we can import your product catalog and begin submitting test orders within minutes. Call us today and we can walk through the setup together.