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OrderEase: All-In-One Supply Chain Integration Solution

B2B Wholesale Platform for Sales Reps and Wholesale Buyers

Order Desk, Sales Reps, and Customers Love It!

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It's like giving EVERYBODY a customized portal for wholesale ordering and order management!

Within OrderEase you have control over almost every aspect of your order workflow for your customers, sales reps, and order desk.  Here's just a few highlights:

  • Set up contract pricing for each customer.
  • Provide tiered pricing levels and discounts.
  • Create quoting catalogs for sales reps.
  • Automate holds for customer orders for sales rep review.
  • Show inventory or hide out of stock.

We've Nailed It!

  • Your Orders, Your Way

  • Customizable

  • ROI

  • Endless Integrations

Stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole!

Most software solutions for order management lack the flexibility that OrderEase provides for both you AND your customers.

Let's face it, many of your customers will not want to use a portal to place their orders, they just want to keep sending you their PDF purchase orders.  That's ok!  We help and solve that problem.

Other solutions also don't provide flexibility to connect to your systems or your partner systems in any other way than EDI.  Not a problem, our connectivity is highly flexible and adaptable to most circumstances.

We are customizable almost to a fault...there's too many options!

The great news is we offer a very robust onboarding program led by highly experienced project managers.  This guided onboarding allows you to maximize the customizations to create the best order management workflows for your business.

No coding is required to manage your settings within OrderEase, our easy to use toggles and interface provide you flexibility and independence to manage your account.

There really aren't many scenarios we can't handle, it's worth a discovery call to discuss your unique business processes.

ROI Calculator for B2B Wholesale Order Management

ROI is critical and important to us to get you to quick ROI.

We help you create efficiencies in your business which lead to fast ROI.  Onboarding can take as little as a day or two to a couple of months depending on your complexities, but we are not that kind of software that disrupts your business and drags on forever to get implemented.


A single solution to connect your business to all of your digital sales channels and logistics providers.

With our "integration first" approach, we provide the ability to connect into any of your sales channels who allow API integrations, FTP file transfer or EDI connectivity.

With a single integration into your ERP or Accounting System, we are able to funnel orders from all of your channels through OrderEase to appear within your internal systems.  Our integrations go one step further and offer multi-connectivity between fulfillment logistics solutions and your internal systems.  It's actually quite magical!

Designed to Support Suppliers, Distributors, and Agents

With our integrative approach and robust cross-referencing capabilities, we can digitally connect the dots for you on the buy side and sell side of your supply chain ecosystem.

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Feature Rich

From order to invoice, the OrderEase manages the data transactions throughout your order workflow.

Sales Interface

The intuitive sales interface provides both your wholesale customers and your sales reps a central place to build and submit orders.  This digital interface leads to new product discovery, reduced order friction, accurate pricing visibility, and inventory visibility if provided by the supplier.

Catalog Builder

Create unlimited catalogs which can be used for seasonal promotions, special shipping rules, marketing collateral and inventory visibility.

Quoting Functionality

Sales reps have the ability to build quotes for prospective customers or existing customers.  Easily drive new business.

Ship Date Customization

Each catalog can have customized ship date rules applied.  Allow specific dates or date ranges to display upon order completion.

Multi-Variant Display

Create a user-friendly matrix to allow wholesale buying for product variations easier.


Both English and French are fully supported.

Buyer Specific

Tailor pricing, product visibility, discounts, and notifications to each buyer.

Offline Sales Rep App

Sales reps can build orders with the online or offline mode, view customer pricing, and products.

Customer Submitted Order Hold

Add a hold function for sales rep review on customer submitted orders.

Order Management

Configure workflows within OrderEase to work with your specific business needs and rules.

Easy and Intuitive

B2B wholesale buying with a B2C experience.  Rich images and media, category filters, and robust product data.

Barcode Scanning

Using the app, customers and sales reps can scan product barcodes and build their order within their account.

Sales Rep Assignment

Assign a primary sales rep as well as multiple other sales reps if needed.  See reports on sales by rep.


OrderEase is your centralized hub.  A single connection into your ERP or accounting system allows you, via OrderEase, to aggregate and manage orders from multiple digital sales channels.


Digitally connect directly into your marketplaces via OrderEase.


Regardless of who your trading partner uses as their EDI end point, OrderEase manages all of your workflows.


Offer drop ship catalogs or sell direct to consumers using Shopify and WooCommerce integrations.

Credit Notes

Managing returns and credit requests is a time consuming process.  The credit note module allows your team to more effectively manage credit request and provides your sales team and customers the ability to digitally submit credit requests.

Credit Catalogs

Unlimited credit catalogs which can be visible to any group of sales reps, order desk, or customers you assign.

Supplier Notifications

Share credit catalogs with your supplier to notify them of credit request as well as credit split ratio.

Credit Reason Codes

Fully configurable to enter your own credit reason codes and apply specific codes to specific products.

Review and Approval Workflows

Receive a credit request notification and review, adjust, confirm, or deny before sending credit details into your ERP.

Supplier Sales Rep Access

Allow your supplier sales rep access to their credit catalog to send credit requests on behalf of a customer.

Media Attachments

Each product selected for a credit request can have a photo taken, attachments uploaded, and notes included for submission.


Light inventory management and display.  Control inventory levels globally or by catalog for specific sales channels, customers, or warehouses.


Show within OrderEase inventory from your integrated ERP or 3PL.

Control Availability

Limit inventory quantities for specific channels or allow access to global inventory.

Visibility Configuration

Choose how you want your sales reps and customers to see out of stock product.


The OrderEase data structure allows invoices from your integrated ERP or accounting system to display within the platform, as well as generate EDI 810's.


Configure settings to notify customers when an invoice is ready.

Invoice History

Provide visibility to sales reps and customers to all invoices in a single location.


Send invoices to your trading partners directly from your integrated ERP.


A robust interface to populate and manage package dimensions and shipment data.


Configure settings to notify customers when a shipment has been sent.


Integrate with your shipping software to send label generation data and receive shipment details.

ASN's (856)

EDI triggers to send ASN's to your integrated trading partners.

Want to See How We Can Do This For You?

Be The Leader!

Compete MORE EFFECTIVELY in the marketplace.

Now is the time to embrace the power to vault your business to being DIGITALLY RELEVANT.

In today's competitive market, you only win by creating operational efficiency.

Why do you continue to manually enter orders?

How many dashboards is your team logging in and out of to pick up your orders and manage order workflow with your wholesale buyers and consumer orders?

Leveraging the ability to integrate OrderEase into your systems AND your sales channels to create digital order workflows gives you operational efficiency AND operational effectiveness.

What's stopping you?



Customers became more self-sufficient in the ordering process.

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We Play Well With Others

Our ready-to-integrate solution can exchange data with any software.

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“I logged into it and within 20 minutes I had my product loaded on there. I had my app doing a test scan and I said, ‘This is exactly what I want. I want something this simplistic."

Kurt Tachick

Director Of Sales and Marketing

Built For Your Wholesale Business

It's Easy to Get Started!

For many businesses we can import your product catalog and begin submitting test orders within minutes. Call us today and we can walk through the setup together.