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Ontario Craft Wineries Partners with Last Call Analytics, an OrderEase Company

Posted by OrderEase on October 4, 2023

Empowering Vintners: Leading Analytics Platform Partners with Ontario Craft Wineries to Unveil Game-Changing Insights for the Beverage Industry!

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[BARRIE, ON. 10.03.2023] - OrderEase, renowned for its top-tier B2B order management solutions, expanded its influence in the B2B domain through the strategic acquisition of Last Call Analytics earlier this year. This union of analytics prowess and advanced wholesale order management software has fostered a collaborative partnership with Ontario Craft Wineries (OCW). This alliance unlocks substantial opportunities for OCW members, granting them access to invaluable data and insights, thereby enabling their sales teams to drive sales performance.


In this groundbreaking collaboration set to revolutionize the beverage alcohol industry, we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Ontario Craft Wineries. Together, we are offering OCW members exclusive access to a discounted version of our cutting-edge sales analytics platform, designed to unveil unparalleled insights into fair share opportunity, distribution gaps, in-store inventory status, geo-spatial performance, and much more!


Warren Patterson, CEO of Last Call Analytics, an OrderEase company, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering growth within the beverage industry. We are confident that our platform will serve as a catalyst for OCW members, helping them uncover hidden opportunities and navigate the competitive landscape."


Richard Linley, President of the Ontario Craft Wineries Association, echoed this sentiment, saying, "Our partnership with Last Call is an instant game-changer for our winery members. The insights and data provided will be instrumental in helping our members thrive and be competitive in the market using data driven sales decisions."


Our analytics platform stands as a beacon of innovation in the industry, utilizing advanced data analytics to provide sales teams with actionable insights, thereby enabling them to optimize their strategies and achieve unprecedented success. This partnership with OCW marks a significant step towards empowering small and medium-sized wineries in Ontario, providing them with the tools they need to compete on a larger scale.


In today’s competitive beverage market, data-driven insights are no longer a luxury but a necessity. The ability to analyze market trends, consumer preferences, and sales performance is crucial for identifying opportunities and making informed decisions. According to industry experts, companies leveraging analytics have seen a significant increase in sales opportunities, improved distribution, and enhanced market presence.


The integration of analytics in the beverage alcohol industry is transforming the way businesses operate, offering a clearer understanding of market dynamics and enabling the customization of sales strategies to meet consumer demands. With the growing emphasis on sustainability and local produce, the insights derived from our platform will be instrumental in helping Ontario’s craft wineries align their practices with consumer expectations and industry standards.


"In an industry where understanding your market is key, the utilization of advanced analytics is a game-changer. It’s about making informed decisions that drive sales and elevate the brand." - Matt Bannister, Last Call Analytics.


In addition to leveraging Last Call Analytics for retail data insights, OCW members will also have access to OrderEase where they will be able to implement a solution to improve order workflow management from the various sales channels and streamline orders into integrated business systems such as their ERP or accounting system as well as logistics, distribution systems.


In a time where margins continue to tighten, creating operational efficiencies by reducing manual order management processes is a high priority.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business to new heights! If you are an OCW member, we invite you to take advantage of this exclusive offer and discover the unparalleled benefits of our analytics platform. Join us in shaping the future of the beverage industry – contact us today to learn more and get started!


About OrderEase

OrderEase is a leading order management solution that provides real-time order processing, multiple pricing levels and discount automation, and a mobile sales rep app. With seamless integrations with sales channels, order management workflows from cash to invoice including ERP and accounting systems, logistics, 3PL, and inventory systems are achieved creating operational efficiencies.

About Last Call Analytics

Last Call Analytics is a robust retail analytics platform providing insights that support sales team sales targeting as well as operations forecasting.  With the primary focus historically in the alcohol industry, the future state of Last Call Analytics will be to provide these analytical insights for a broader industry segment.  The demand for data driven decisions is now more critical than ever to support competitive edge as well as lean workforces. 


To learn more about OrderEase contact us at sales@orderease.com

To learn more about Last Call Analytics contact us at info@lastcallanalytics.com 


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