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Selling wholesale is complex, we get that!

Whether you are a manufacturer, brand, distributor, sales agent or broker, OrderEase's customizable functionality can be configured to the levels of simplicity or complexity your business and processes demand...without the enterprise price tag!

The opportunity to grow your business and open channels for new sales, quickly, is how the OrderEase software solution is different from the rest.  Our one-to-many design allows your business to leverage OrderEase as the source of sales data from all channels to feed into your existing business systems such as your CRM, ERP or Accounting Software.

Integrations with Marketplaces, eCommerce, EDI, POS systems and other sales channels, combined with the Sales Rep App and buyer portal plus the ability to digitize PDF and Excel orders make us the single source data communicating outside your internal systems.  This data communication is the key to minimizing hours of labor across your sales, order desk, and marketing departments.

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Simplified Wholesale Ordering Results In...


Less Frustration

  • Retailers have easy access to products, inventory, their pricing, and previous orders.
  • Sales reps improve efficiency and customer relationships by saving time reducing manual order taking.
  • Reduced processing time at the order desk and less order entry errors.

More Access

  • Ability to see real-time sales metrics by product, by retailer and by sales rep.
  • Your retailers get visibility and access to new products faster, which results in increased order volumes.
  • Easily see inventory levels and manage complex pricing levels.

Data Driven Business

If you're not using data to make business decisions, HOW DO YOU KNOW you are making the right decisions?

Sales, Ordering, Purchasing, Inventory, Labor.  DATA delivers the information you need.

The sad truth...most businesses are still operating like it's the 1980's.

Manual processes, paper, silo'd departments.

It's NOT YOUR FAULT most tech companies solve singular problems.  You have tried to adopt technology but it doesn't communicate exactly the way you need it to.

The missing piece...INTEGRATION.  We do that.

Now it's your turn.

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Positive Impact To Your Business Departments

Sales Rep App for Wholesale Ordering - Paperless Ordering

Sales Reps

  Digital ordering and quick access to customer specific products and pricing.

  Generate quotes to share with customers.

  Barcode scanning for quick on site ordering.

  Less time spent manually entering orders or submitting to the order desk after sales calls.

  Inventory visibility.

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Wholesale Supplier Executive - Order and Inventory Management Solutions


  Data and sales performance available in real time.

  Low investment, high ROI.

  Reduced labor costs by reducing manual workflows.

  Eliminate order processing errors.

  High growth opportunity with new channels and increased revenue from existing channels.

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Ease of Integrations for IT - Wholesale Ordering Software


  Rapid deployment with minimal IT resources.

  Documented API's for integration OR easy setup integrations with existing partners.

  Reduced data management time.

  Eliminate the need for multiple tech stacks.

  No IT resourced needed to connect to additional sales channels.

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See It In Action, There's More Inside

Scotts Case Study Quote

scotts (1)Despite their massive and nationally recognized brand, their story proves that it was still difficult to work with independent retailers.


Case Study

Enabling B2B eCommerce


Improve Accuracy

OrderEase wholesale customers experience more accurate ordering leading to fewer back orders, returns and credits.

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Reduce Costs

Online ordering offloads manual order input thus reducing order desk labor and credit notes.


Increase Revenue

Sales Reps in the field can quickly submit orders and spend more time selling and servicing the customer.

The Shift From Analog To Digital

The Power Is In The Solution  

Through digital deployment of your product information, pricing, and inventory, OrderEase integrates with your systems to create digital transactions throughout the ordering cycle.  This creates a paperless system saving time, money, and frustration.  True B2B order automation by digitizing both sides of the ordering process from wholesale to retail.

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We Don't Replace Your Systems,

We Embrace Your Systems.

Our Ready-To-Integrate Solution Can Exchange Data With Any Software


It's Easy to Get Started!

For many businesses we can import your data and begin submitting test orders within minutes.

Call us today and we can walk through the setup together.