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Product Information Management

A fast and easy way to manage and deliver accurate product information throughout your sales and marketing channels.

A Universal Product Information Management Application

Digtial Asset management for wholesale

Media Asset Library

Distribute all your up to date media assets directly to your customers with ease. LinkGreen’s PIM offers you centralized media asset management that is integrated with your sales and marketing channels.


Product Information Management

Deliver the correct information and price every time. Eliminate pricing and product errors by using a centralized product information management application. No more information siloes, old excel sheets and out of date marketing materials.


Customer Information Management

Store, maintain and segment all your customer data in a single easy to use application. Edit customer information and assign customers to sales reps, buying groups, pricing levels, and product catalogs all at once.


Automate Product and Customer Data Updates

 LinkGreen’s PIM integrates with your back- office systems to fully automate product and customer data updates. Reduce your manual administration and entry errors with data integration and automation. 


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Sell more and manage less.


Empower your wholesale customers to sell more by providing them with rich product data and media assets on the products they have ordered. 


Deliver your digital assets directly into retailers POS systems and online stores. 


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 A man Eliminating  Data Silos with a PIM for wholesale business

Eliminate Data Silos

Reduce costly pricing and product errors by centralizing all data management in a single hub. LinkGreen's PIM offers a user-friendly way to maintain and distribute accurate information through all sales and marketing channels. 


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Media Asst Library to help maintain brand consistency

Maintain Brand Consistency  

LinkGreen's Media Asset Library offers businesses full control over all branding by consolidating all marketing assets into a single library.  Provide your sales and marketing teams access to all the marketing assets they need to represent your brand well. 

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Easy Data Editing 

LinkGreen offers a user-friendly way to update product data. Whether you need to update a single product description or import a new product catalog, LinkGreen offers an easy way to maintain accurate data throughout all your business channels. 

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