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Sales Rep App

Always be ready with the LinkGreen Rep™ app. Placing customer orders and capturing leads on the go has never been so easy.

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Ordering in the Palm of your Hand

LinkGreen Rep gives your sales team the flexibility to place orders and track customer order history. A sales rep can easily search the online catalog for products and place customer orders effortlessly. 

Barcode Scanning takes Errors out of Order Entry

Scan items on the store shelves or straight from your print catalog with nothing more than a mobile device. Barcode scanning helps your sales reps place customer orders faster and with greater accuracy. 

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Find and Capture New Leads

Specifically designed for your sales team, LinkGreen Rep™ allows your reps to find, connect and communicate with new leads effortlessly. With the app installed on their mobile device, your sales team can quickly share your up-to-date catalog with new customers in seconds. 

Real-time Inventory and Pricing Management

LinkGreen Integrate handles all aspects of your inventory and pricing management including current inventory updates, customized pricing levels and sale pricing, all in real-time.

Download the app for your mobile device.

Download the app for your mobile device.