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OrderEase Releases Mobile Barcode Scanning for both the OrderEase Sales Rep app and Mobile Ordering app

Posted by OrderEase on April 24, 2018

Barrie, Ontario, April 24, (www.orderease.com) OrderEase has released a mobile barcode scanning feature on both the OrderEase Sales Rep app and Mobile ordering app. This feature provides an unparalleled mobile ordering experience through one integrated technology solution offering fast, easy and accurate wholesale ordering to sale reps and retailers.

Mobile barcode scanning adds to a long list of ways that OrderEase adds convenience to sales reps and retailers when ordering online. Through either of OrderEase’s mobile apps, users can scan barcodes using their mobile device’s built-in camera or use a Bluetooth-enabled scan gun.

This technology offers sales reps a mobile app that provide them with fast and easy access to up-to-date product information inventory levels, and customer pricing, allowing them to scan products from the retailer's store floor and build accurate customer orders as they go. The same technology is offered to retailers on their own mobile ordering app giving them the same level of access to all their supplier catalogs making it easy to scan items and build orders on the sales floor as they review inventory.

Watch a short video demonstrating mobile barcode scanning by clicking here 

Mobile barcode scanning is a part of a wider development strategy to provide an exceptional user experience by meeting the specific requirements of wholesale purchasing and selling. This strategy is being implemented through OrderEase’s single online ordering technology solution for all levels of the supply chain.

“Mobile barcode scanning will increase the speed, ease, and accuracy of building wholesale orders from the retail sales floor or at tradeshows. The order is built from a supplier's up-to-date catalog with current inventory and customers pricing, meaning there is greater certainty and confidence in every order placed,” commented Warren Patterson CEO of OrderEase. “This eliminates any unknowns from the ordering process for both the sales rep and the retailer.”  

OrderEase’s talented developer team continues to add and provide innovative solutions to help retailers and wholesale suppliers overcome industry challenges that interfere with how their business operates.This mobile barcode scanning technology represents one phase of a much larger strategy to bring cutting-edge technology to OrderEase users.

For further information, please contact:

Warren Patterson, CEO

Telephone: 1(888) 476-6527

Email: warren.patterson@orderease.com

About OrderEase

OrderEase (www.orderease.com) is a technology solution that connects industry supply chains to make wholesale buying and selling fast and easy. The company has created a fully connected and integrated supply chain that provides innovative operational efficiencies, modern sales, and marketing opportunities, and familiar digital ordering experience for suppliers, distributors, and retailers.

Now in its fourth year of operation, OrderEase serves multiple industries, including Lumber & Building Materials, Greenhouse, Nursery & Floriculture, Lawn & Garden, Cannabis and Home Decor. With over $750 million in vendor supply available, there are more than 3,800 registered wholesale buyers who now enjoy an electronic supply chain.

About OrderEase Sales Rep App

OrderEase Rep™ provides sales reps mobile access to everything they need to places customer orders efficiently. OrderEase Rep™ connects directly with their company's online catalog with current inventory and customer pricing. Providing sales reps the flexibility to place orders and track customer order history from anywhere.

Specially designed for sales teams, sales reps can effortlessly communicate with your customers with quick links to share the catalog and search or add customers to generate new leads. Sales reps never have to worry about sending updates to supplier catalogs, as OrderEase Rep™ utilizes push technology always to keep products and pricing up-to-date. More information and links to download the sales rep app can be found at https://www.OrderEase.ca/rep/sales-rep-app.

About OrderEase Mobile Ordering App

OrderEase Mobile™ provides wholesale buyers mobile access to their wholesale suppliers’ online catalog with current inventory and their custom pricing allowing them to order anytime, anywhere. For more information or to download the app, please visit https://www.OrderEase.ca/rep/mobile-ordering-app


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