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Independent Garden Retailers Poised for Digital Business Maturity Overcome Retail Digital Divide

OrderEase highlights opportunities during inaugural virtual Global Garden Retail Conference

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OrderEase Expands its B2C E-commerce Integrations to Include Weebly

Barrie, Ontario, April 30, 2019 OrderEase expands to include API integration with Weebly to offer retailers an easy way...

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OrderEase Showcases Technology Solution at CanWest Horticulture Expo

September, 19th 2018, For the fourth year in a row, OrderEase will be attending CanWest Horticulture Expo, presenting...

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OrderEase Completes Integration with RenoWare’s Installed Sale Software

Barrie, Ontario, August 13, OrderEase is pleased to announce the launch and completion of an integration with...

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OrderEase Releases WooCommerce Plugin

Barrie, Ontario, July 24 2018, (www.OrderEase.com) OrderEase has released a WooCommerce plugin to further compliment...

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