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OrderEase Wholesale Order Management Approved for QuickBooks App Marketplace

Posted by OrderEase on February 21, 2023

QuickBooks users can now enhance their functionality to have a customer ordering portal, sales rep app, customer price levels, and connect to marketplaces.

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[BARRIE, ON. 02.21.2023] - OrderEase, the leading B2B order management solution, has received formal approval and is now listed on the QuickBooks Marketplace for US, Canada, and UK. QuickBooks users can now take advantage of the key benefits that OrderEase provides to streamline their order processing and enhance their business operations.

With OrderEase, QuickBooks users can enjoy real-time digital order processing for EDI, marketplaces such as Amazon and Wayfair, eCommerce stores such as Shopify and WooCommerce, PDF digitizing from buyers, wholesale customer orders, all directly integrated into their QuickBooks account. This eliminates the need for manual entry, reduces the risk of data entry errors and saves countless hours of labor.

Vicky Lawrence, VP of Customer Experience states “We have many QuickBooks users who are already integrated and leveraging the power of multi-channel digital connectivity.  Most of these users were looking for a solution that allowed them to keep the price point of QuickBooks, but have complex order management functionality along with allowing them to digitally receive orders from their multiple sales channels.  We even have customers who not only have a QuickBooks B2B order management integration, but they are also integrated via OrderEase into ShipStation.  The multi-integration on the fulfillment side of their business saves hours of repetitive work, not to mention the extensive amounts of labor saved by receiving their orders digitally.”


OrderEase integrates multiple channels for seamless digital order management

Multi Channel Integrator - OrderEase

OrderEase also features a mobile sales rep app, which allows sales reps to place wholesale orders and access customer information on-the-go. This app includes barcode scanning capabilities for in-store and trade show ordering, as well as offline ordering capabilities. With OrderEase, customers no longer need to flip through sales sheets, as their pricing is easily accessible at their fingertips, online or in the app.

In addition, OrderEase offers multiple pricing level and discount automation, allowing for intelligent customer and sales rep online ordering pushed directly to QuickBooks as invoices or estimates. This can easily be configured at a customer level within OrderEase.

To get started with OrderEase, QuickBooks users simply need to add their credentials to the OrderEase integration dashboard. The two systems will then be synced and ready to receive orders.

"We are thrilled to be approved for the QuickBooks Marketplace in multiple countries and offer our solution to QuickBooks users," said Warren Patterson, CEO of OrderEase. "Our goal is to provide a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive solution for businesses to manage and grow their operations. Integrating with QuickBooks allows us to achieve this and help businesses take their operations to the next level."


About OrderEase

OrderEase is a leading order management solution that provides real-time order processing, multiple pricing level and discount automation, and a mobile sales rep app. With its seamless integration with QuickBooks, businesses can streamline their order processing and enhance their operations. OrderEase also offers a comprehensive PIM solution, making it the ultimate hub of order management data flow between customers, sales reps, and QuickBooks.

To learn more about OrderEase contact us at sales@orderease.com

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OrderEase Contact

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VP Customer Experience

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Phone: (888) 476-6527

Email: vicky.lawrence@orderease.com

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