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More Productive. Less Manual.

Being a wholesale sales rep doesn't need to be this hard...there's a mobile app for that!

Our cloud-based software solution creates a digitally accessible portal for you and your customers to access catalogs, pricing, orders, and inventory, via mobile or desktop, which can all be easily integrated with your existing internal systems.


Next Gen Sales, Are You In?

The market is trending to DIGITAL, are you still working with paper?  Taking orders by phone, fax, or email?

Get in front of the curve, be the leader, be RELEVANT.

Your VALUE as a sales rep is to become an advisor.  Solidify relationships and prove you care about growing your customers business.

How?  DATA!

The right data at the right place and the right time drives insights, predictability, and builds valve.

Spend less time order taking.  Period.

What's Stopping You?

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Relationship Building - Sales Rep App

Shift From Manual Order Taking to Relationship Building

Reducing time spent taking orders gives you more time to spend with other customers and sell more.

Spend more time introducing new products which can boost order volume.

Quick and easy quoting saves you time and keeps your customers happy.

Digital B2B eCommerce Reduces Manual Transactions and Paper Catalogs

Eliminate Outdated Catalogs and Price Lists

Stop taking orders by phone, fax, email, or scraps of paper, all of your products are digital and at your fingtertips.

Complex price lists and customer requirements are not a problem.

Digital transactions virtually eliminate manual order entry errors.

Scan or Tap - Sales Rep App

Quickly Scan or Tap to Order

All of your products, pricing and inventory are available anywhere at any time in the mobile app.

Search, sort, and tap to create orders.  Plus, a quick re-order feature.

The finger scanner which syncs to your phone or tablet makes quick ordering even easier.

B2C style ordering experiences for your wholesale customers gives you more time in your day.

Network of Prospects- Sales Rep App

Access to a Network of Prospects

Your target market is all in one place looking for new suppliers just like you. 

Discover and build relationships with new customers.

The marketplace discovery function works both ways.

Receive a new lead notification when a prospect visits your catalog.

Customer Insights - Sales Rep App

Customer Behavior Insights

Viewing customer activity can significantly improve your sales.

Unsubmitted order notifications after a cart has been abandoned for 48 hours.

See "curious customer" activity in your catalog which can prompt your sales team to reach out to help.


See How It Works...Your Customers Will Thank You!

Sales Teams Love It
HJS Wholesale Case Study Quote

Within a year, HJS went from supplying Thunder Bay to Edmonton to supplying Nation-Wide as a result of using OrderEase.


Technology That Replaces Guess Work
With Less Work

Real Time Inventory

More accurate ordering leading to fewer back orders, returns and credits resulting in happier customers and better sales margins.

Reporting Dashboards

No more manual reporting. Real time data in the dashboards gives all of the insights needed to monitor sales and customer performance.

Easy To Use

Getting up and running is quick and painless. You'll wonder how you ever managed to do all of your ordering before you started with OrderEase.


Supported By A Powerful Marketing Engine


Promotional Emails

Need to make an announcement to your customers about a sale or power buy? Easily push it out through the OrderEase marketing engine connected within your account.

Customers can go directly into your catalog from the email and place orders.

Automated Order Notifications

Order confirmation notifications to your sales rep and customer.

Nudge emails to customers for abandoned cart after 24 hrs of abandonment.

Sales rep notification for abandoned cart after 48 hrs of abandonment.

Catalog announcement option to communicate pricing changes and product updates

...and more.


So Many More Powerful Features...


We're Ready To Exchange Data With Any Software

Built For Your Wholesale Business  

OrderEase Solution

A Solution That Works For You

Take your B2B ordering process online.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, manual paperwork and unnecessary admin work.

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