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Supplier Tutorials

Quick Guide - Searching/Inviting New Customers

OrderEase has a robust number of features that allow you to connect and communicate to your customers. This supplier tutorial sets you up for success.

Before you do anything else. Accept your pendings!

it’s a great feeling when new customers are coming to you and the OrderEase platform loves to promote that. So let’s take a look at this process really quick, before we get into searching and inviting new buyers.

  1. Visit www.OrderEase.com and log in to your account (top of the page).
  2. Your OrderEase dashboard will display you latest activity, including any one that has sent you a request. Click on “Go” to view your pendings.
  3. This page displays all your pendings. You will see requests that are waiting your approval, as well as all of the invites that you have sent out, that are pending an approval.
  4. Click on “Approve” for any of the buyers that have requested to do business with you. You also have the option to ignore the request or report it as spam (if you find that you are getting too many requests from a particular buyer).
  5. You will have the option to place this buyer into a buyer group, so they receive the appropriate pricing for that buyer. Simply click on “Add To Group” and that buyer will now see the special pricing assigned to that group (NOTE: Watch for the Creating Buyer Groups guide blog, coming soon…). You can also add this buyer to more than one group.
    1. IMPORTANT: If you do not assign the buyer to a group and simply click done, that buyer will only see your default pricing.
  1. Click “Done”.

This page also shows all of your Pending Buyer Approvals, but we will come back to this page later in this guide.

Searching for and Inviting New Buyers (OrderEase members)

OrderEase gives you access to over 2500 buyers and intelligent search features to target your prospects a number of ways.

  1. From the main navigation, hover over “My Buyers” and from the drop-down, select “Find New Buyers”.
  2. By default, you may see a number of buyers that you already have connected with, have sent an invite to or have the option to invite them. To invite a buyer, simply click on the “Invite” button.
  3. You may wish to target a specific industry or type of buyer. The search functionality allows you target a specific audience of buyers or even an individual buyer by the criteria you enter in the search fields. For example, you may wish to only see buyers in Ontario, who are in the Landscape industry. Enter in your criteria and click on “Search” to filter your search query.
  4. And again, to invite a buyer simply click on the “Invite” button. You can also view their profile for more information on that buyer.
  5. You will be presented with buyer groups pop-up again, along with options to include contact info and notes for that buyer.

Searching for and Inviting New Buyers (OrderEase non-members)

You may wish to invite buyers to order from you on OrderEase, who are not on the platform. Using “Add Buyer” or “Quick Add Buyer”, you can send an invite to any buyer that is not a part of the OrderEase platform and invite them to sign up with you on the platform.

We always suggest using "Quick Add Buyer" since it only requires an e-mail address and name to get your buyers into the system. This is a great solution if you want to add buyers when you are on-site (ie. tradeshow floor). Quick Add Buyer is accessible from the main navigation menu, under "My Buyers". When you add a buyer, it will append them to your e-mail distribution list, so they will receive any future announcements, availability e-mails and special pricing e-mails. NOTE: This does not assign them to a pricing group. Once the sign up and you approve the buyer, you can assign them to a pricing group at that time.

"Add Buyer" is useful when you have all the information of a buyer and want to assign them to a buyer group right away. Follow these steps to add a buyer.

  1. From the main navigation, hover over “My Buyers” and from the drop-down, select “Add Buyer”.
  2. From here, simply fill out all the required information and click “Invite” to send an e-mail invite to your buyer.

Reviewing your Pending Invites and Re-sends

Now that you have invited all those buyers, you will want to track the progress of your invites and re-send if you are not getting a timely response.

  1. From the main navigation, hover over “My Buyers” and from the drop-down, select “Pending Connections”.
  2. This screen displays your pendings that are awaiting your approval (previously mentioned) and pendings that you have sent out and are awaiting a decision on from your prospective buyer.
  3. You can re-send the invitation again to a buyer, if you have not received a timely response, by clicking “Re-send”.

NOTE: To conform to spam laws, the platform will only allow you to re-send once every 2 weeks.

  1. Statuses
    1. “Pending Accept” – buyers in the LG system that haven’t accepted your invitation yet
    2. “Pending Join” – buyers who are not part of the LG system that haven’t accepted your invitation yet
  2. You can see all of the buyers that have accepted your invitations on the “List and Edit Buyers” section, accessible from the main navigation menu.


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