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4 Apps Every Landscaper Should Have

As a landscaper, how do you manage your business? Technology is offering each business an opportunity to work more efficiently with higher accuracy. Here are a few suggested mobile tools inculding a wholesale ordering app to get you started this season.


As a landscaper, how do you manage your business? Do you work from the office or onsite? Do you manage your books, inventory, clients, and projects on paper or do you use a computer to organize that information? In modern business jargon, we refer to this as the digital divide and the landscaping industry is no exception to this shift.

As projects grow in scale and scope, it becomes obvious that the tools needed will change as well. A shovel may do well enough for small backyard jobs, but major landscaping requires major tools. The same point can be made about how your business manages its paper work. A few papers on your desk may be sustainable for a time, but eventually a thriving business needs to adopt technology to help manage that side of operations. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean locking yourself in the office. Some landscaping business owners run their entire business from their smartphone, giving them a competitive edge with little overhead and greater oversight. Technology is offering each business an opportunity to work more efficiently with higher accuracy.

If you’re looking to adopt mobile technology into your business process, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices available to you. An excellent place to start is to evaluate what you require when you’re on the go and what core business functions you have to manage. Here are a few suggested mobile tools to get you started this season.

Quoting and Invoicing App

When you are constantly on the go, quotes and invoices are often left to end of day or even until the weekend. This can lead to errors that hurt customer relationships and your bottom line. Having the ability to send a quote or an invoice right away helps to relieve some of those issues. Quickbooks-Quotient offers a great mobile app which allows you and your customers to interact with each other seamlessly. There are plenty of invoicing/quoting solutions out there, so when considering the options, make sure the app can fit into your existing system, making the transition to mobile painless.

On-Site Delivery App

Manage unexpected site supply issues quickly from anywhere. Running out of materials can be one of the most costly business interruptions you’ll encounter as it halts productivity and the job timeline suffers. Time is money so rather than sending out one of your staff to the local hardware store, you can have supplies delivered directly to your site. Apps like GoFor help you save time by delivering the materials you need when you need them.

Onsite Wholesale Ordering App

Don’t take unnecessary trips to the office when a client makes a special request.

Order all your materials for a job right from your phone. OrderEase’s Mobile app provides landscapers access to hundreds of wholesale supplier catalogs, complete with pricing. It also allows you to manage all of your wholesale orders and source new products. So ditch that stack of dated paper catalogs in your office and order online wherever you are.

Crew Tracking App

Managing multiple jobs with different crews can come with its share of headaches. Rather than driving from site to site to check in, crew tracking apps offer transparent management. Dynascape’s crew monitoring app provides onsite oversight including hours worked and location of equipment. These apps eliminate any ambiguity over the day-to-day operations of each job site. That level of insight will keep you updated with project completion and better oversee the multiple jobs you’re responsible for.

These are just four simple ways mobile technology can streamline and support your business growth. There are also so many marketing and design apps available to landscapers which can also assist with day to day operational efficiencies. Wherever you see the most immediate need, make sure to choose the apps that fit your needs and understand your business and the industry you’re in. 

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