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Four Questions Your Business Website Should Answer

Think about all the questions your customers might call and ask you and reflect on how many of those could be answered simply on your website. Is that information readily available on your site?

Your website is a communication tool and a direct reflection of your company to the world. What brings people to your website? In one way or another, they are all looking for information. From a phone number to the price of a product, the business website is the first place many people check for answers. Understanding the importance of your website is the first step in using it effectively. The next step is recognizing that a single paragraph and a phone number isn’t enough.

Think about all the questions your customers might call and ask you and reflect on how many of those could be answered simply on your website. Is that information readily available on your site? If not, consider how many potential leads did not engage with your business because you didn’t provide them with the information they needed. That’s why it’s time to assess your website like a customer would, and consider what information is missing. Here are a few items that are  generally considered to be a standard component for business websites.

Who are you?

Think of your website as a first introduction to a potential customer. Through the information on you provide, your goal is to establish rapport and trust with the visitor while helping them understand what value you present. Ultimately, a customer needs to know you enough trust you so think about what parts of your company help to build that trust and communicate it clearly. This can include information about the history of the company, your mission statement, or the values your company hold in high regard, or even the staff that work for the company. This is where you can really express some personality with more conversational language.

What products/services do you provide?

Obviously, your website should communicate what products and services you offer to customers. This is where you establish your market differentiation, meaning what makes your products and services better than your competitors. You can speak to things like quality of materials, innovative designs, superior customer service, or warranties. This content should be where you point people to when they ask “why should I do business with your company”.

How do I buy?

Your website should provide visitors with convenient access to product, shipping and logistical information about how they can purchase products from your business. For many visitors, access to online ordering is preferable and convenient since they are already online so providing the links in a clear and attractive manner is very important. It’s all about removing barriers in the purchasing process through open communication.

How do I reach you?

Access to contact information is a must on every website, however the more information the better for the visitor. Including the phone numbers of sales reps and customer service further reduces information barriers. You should also include email addresses and social media accounts as well. This gives the visitor the ability to contact you with their preferred method.

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Extra Credit:

Testimonials and achievements

Information that establishes credibility is very important for converting leads into customers. This information can be showcased throughout your website. Customer testimonials with customer names and even pictures further establish trust because they are personal. Industry awards or association memberships should also be displayed throughout your site.

Blog or gallery

Let your expertise shine through more extensive content. Whether it is a gallery showcasing your latest tradeshow or a blog that explains to retailers how to purchase your latest line of products, its all about added value and trust. This is where you can add value while attracting new leads through organic searches.

By adding this content to your existing website you improve your company's online presence and provide better customer service. Open information and access increases your ability to convert leads into customers just from your website, making worth the investment in the long run.

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