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Handshake Wholesale B2B eCommerce Alternative - Shopify Sales Rep App

For an alternative solution to your Handshake wholesale order management and sales rep ordering app, OrderEase will blow your socks off! Check us out

The Handshake wholesale B2B order management platform, founded in 2010, provided a mobile app for sales reps and B2B eCommerce solutions to brands.

In May 2019, Handshake was acquired as a strategic move by Shopify.  Since this acquisition the direction of Handshake has transformed from being a wholesale order management platform to a wholesale marketplace giving retailers access to handpicked wholesale suppliers within the Shopify ecosystem.


This is highly beneficial for retailers who are looking for an all-in-one place to source wholesale products from within the Shopify environment and push them into their Shopify store, but it leaves many suppliers stranded who want to do business outside of the Shopify environment.


Wholesale suppliers who relied on Handshake Rep and Handshake Direct, most likely businesses like yours, have been left to find an alternative since there is less focus on this functionality as a result of the Shopify acquisition.


Functionality such as rep order management, wholesale ordering catalogs for B2B customers, integrated sales channels outside of Shopify, and the ability to transmit via EDI to trading partners have been completely eliminated with this change.


As you know and we know, you aren’t solely doing business on Shopify, so why should you be limited by the order management software you are using?  This is why you need to consider a way of doing wholesale B2B ordering that doesn’t restrict you to a specific channel like a lot of order management platforms tend to do.


An order management ecosystem is a solution that connects your data and is agnostic to the way you send and receive orders.


What’s the difference between an order management platform and an order management ecosystem from a supplier perspective?

An order management platform is typically focused around narrow solutions that only benefit your business.  But as we all know, to be successful in business, you really need to provide the best solutions to improve customer experience.


Think about your customer, who needs to log individually into each different supplier site to place their orders, assuming all of their suppliers are already digitally enabled in some form.  This creates a painful process and experience for your customers.  The amount of time they spend in separate accounts trying to keep orders straight makes it a order management logistical nightmare.


Now consider being the supplier your customer works with that gives them a solution that can be used to access other suppliers from one login?  That makes you pretty progressive!


But, it gets better.  By leveraging an order management ecosystem, your company benefits at the same time you are creating a great customer experience.


How do you ask?  Well, here it goes...these are just a few of the ways an order management ecosystem can work for your business:

  1. Your product data can flow through into the POS or eCommerce platform of your customers, saving them hours of data entry time!
  2. Integrate with your own eCommerce storefront or embed a login link to your site for your customers to access their accounts to place orders with your company.
  3. Manage multiple complex customer pricing structures with high flexibility.
  4. Sales reps can place customer orders on site using their computer or the mobile app (no more filling out excel sheets after customer visits or hand writing orders).
  5. Connect to customers via EDI.
  6. Integrate your ERP system without being disruptive or cost prohibitive.
  7. Digitize PDF orders you receive from retailers or distributors to reduce the amount of manual order entry day in and day out.

An ecosystem can scale!  With an ecosystem model, you don’t have to go all in all at once. Utilizing technology as the data bridge between each part of your ordering solutions, the data can channel from multiple sources and end up in your existing ERP solution.


OrderEase has mastered this ecosystem model because we put the customer first and we understand data.  Our mission is to make the wholesale ordering process easier from any way ordering could be done, especially from the independent retailer perspective.  


Warren Patterson, our co-founder and CEO, owned a garden center for many years.  It’s from his experience and pains trying to place orders from multiple suppliers via phone, fax, email, sales reps etc that he determined there HAD to be a better way to place wholesale orders.


At OrderEase, we continue to uncover the pains manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, and independent retailers experience in their wholesale ordering process.  As a result, this is how the OrderEase ecosystem has evolved.


Our team thrives by solving complex problems and creating new solutions!


But, let’s get back to why you are here.  It’s clear you are looking for an alternative to Handshake because something just doesn’t feel right with your business right now.  We can’t assume we know exactly what the problem is you are experiencing without having a conversation with you.  


We’re not in the business of selling software, we are in the business of providing solutions! 


Let’s talk and learn about how we can help you!

Talk To Us


I know some of you are more into seeing the actual technical differences, so we have created a checklist comparing just some of the differences and similarities between Handshake and OrderEase...there’s way more than this list can provide, which is why it’s worth learning more.  


Disclaimer:  We can’t claim to know everything Handshake has to offer, therefore, some items are based on assumptions and information we do have.

OrderEase vs Handshake Comparison Table

(click to enlarge)

It would be a shame being one of these raving customers then having the carpet pulled out from underneath because Handshake has moved in a different direction after being acquired by Shopify!


We do EXACTLY what she said….and MORE!


Source: https://www.capterra.ca/software/133670/handshake


If you are having difficulties reading the text in the image...here’s what the comments say:


We provided our 65 sales reps with iPad back in 2010 and wanted to utilize it to it's full extent with apps that saved the sales reps time and saved us money. Handshake accomplished both of those. Back then- sales reps were handwriting order forms and faxing them to our customer service dept. Then we had 4 people in our home office manually entering those orders! That is so much wasted time on both sides and there was a lot of room for error. With Handshake- our sales reps can easily find the product, show the images to their account, and place the order within a few minutes. Then the order is sent directly into our system- no more manual data entry. Time saved by the sales rep- 1-2 hours each day, which means they could see an extra customer during the day (and make another sale!) or not have to work at night. Time saved by the home office 4-5 hours per day. Now 2 of those 4 people in our home office have been moved to other open positions in the department, saving us money that would have been spent hiring someone new. Overall the experience with Handshake has been exceptional. It's a great product, easy to use and very efficient. We now have over 200 sales reps internationally that have been using Handshake for almost 4 years and they love it!”


Reach out and book a discovery call with us today so we can learn how we can help your business.

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