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Implementing change in your landscape company

Owning a landscaping business can be tough at times, so change can be a bit of a double edged word. The ability to change is the way to grow, find out how here...

Why is it so hard to introduce change? And what steps can you take to better implement change in your company? In this article, I’ll outline the strategy we use to roll-out significant change at TBG. But be warned, knowing the steps is only five per cent of the solution. Committing to execute the steps is the other 95 per cent. And even then, you are still going to fail sometimes. However, if you are not changing, your business is dying.

Get involved. Get committed.

Recently, a friend who owns her own small business rolled out some new software. On a Wednesday, her staff gathered to get trained on the new processes. My friend, the owner, skipped the meeting and met a client instead.

We all know clients are important, but what did her absence demonstrate to staff? That the change wasn’t very important? That change was optional? That she didn’t appreciate the significance of the change to their daily roles? All of the above.

As an owner of a software company, I am always amazed when I see company owners who want to drive change, but do not get engaged in the process. They don’t take an interest in making sure the software solution they chose is set up to drive change in the right direction. They miss start-up meetings, fail to actually audit progress (have your staff demonstrate the software in action!) or learn how to use the management reports.

If you’re going to roll out significant changes in your business, you do not have to execute them, but you must actively support and show your commitment. If the leader doesn’t get behind the change, neither will staff.

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