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[Feature Release] OrderEase B2B Order Management Technology November / December 2023

A new year, a better us. Come learn about the bevy of new features and integrations on the OrderEase platform as we start the new year fresh with our December update!

It’s a new month, and you know what that means — a bevy of fresh features for you to enjoy. We have some exciting new stuff this month so hold on to your hats as we run down the list of the nifty new stuff you can do.

Key B2B Order Management Solution Feature Releases:

New Integrations

Core Functionality Improvements

→ Integration Improvements

It’s a new month, and you know what that means — a bevy of fresh features for you to enjoy. We have some exciting new stuff this month so hold on to your hats as we run down the list of the nifty new stuff you can do.

New integrations — API

We’ve added four new DSCO integrations to our stack for the following trading partners.

  1. Bass Pro Shops
  2. Kohl’s
  3. Lord & Taylor
  4. Canadian Tire

QuickBooks Desktop integration

We’ve completed a full stack integration with QuickBooks Desktop, including the ability to sync customers and products, push orders and manage categories. 

Core OrderEase functionality improvements

The best math news you’ll see today — Introducing fractional quantities

We wanted to give you more flexibility in your selling and refunding processes so we’ve opened up the ability for you to work with fractions of cases.

There are three main use cases for this that can help you deliver a better and more granular customer experience. We’re going to simplify them to their most basic level, but the use case for your business should be clear. 

Credit notes and refunds

Let’s say your customer orders a 12 pack of soda, but two explode in transit. OrderEase now allows you to refund individual items as a percentage of the price. You no longer have to give credit on a full case, but for each individual item.

Granular sales

Fractional quantities now also allows the sale of individual items outside of each case. If you’re selling a 12 pack of greeting cards and your customer wants six extra, you can now easily split up packs within our system.

Decimal quantities

This is a big one if you’re selling by weight. A supplier that sells mushrooms can now sell in decimal quantities up to three decimal places. If you want to sell 1.999lbs of produce and make sure you have accurate metrics, it’s now in place.

We’re going the distance (and for speed) — OrderEase Speed Optimization

Hey, did you know that 70% of consumers say that the speed which a page loads impacts their willingness to buy from a retailer? 

Slow pages are universally frustrating, so with that in mind we’ve sped up how you access your catalogs with open orders by seconds. It should now take you under 200ms to get your catalogs pulled up and ready to work with.

More effective imports

Importing orders is now more effective. Our new import interface lets you map columns from your Excel documents directly to our fields. This means you can easily handle multiple orders. There are some required fields that you will need to use for your imports:

  • OrderNumber - this will group items together in the order and map to OrderName. Accepts open string with no validation.
  • ItemSKU - this will match with product code
  • CustomerNumber - this will match with our company number field to find the customer
  • Quantity
  • Case Quantity
  • Price - this setting will be available to use file price or let OrderEase calculate the price
  • OrderDate - this will map to submitted date

EDI Retry

We’ve added retry logic to our EDI connections. With up to 5 retries built in, we provide greater assurance that nothing gets missed if there’s a gap in communication. We check between each retry to see if an order was verified. This adds a safety net for making sure that orders are created in your system and no duplications occur. 

We’ve been refining the UI/UX for the Ordering Screen

There are four key updates that you’ll notice.

  1. Text for all filters, virtual categories and categories now wraps, so you can make your categories as long as you want and not worry about clarity.
  2. We fixed tags that were getting cut off by being pushed far to the right, and added a mouse-over functionality to see long categories
  3. Instead of the filter icon on the left of the search bar, we added a collapsible sidebar arrow icon to replace the filter that opens and closes the sidebar. 

OrderEase Integration Improvements

We’ve made improvements to a slew of our integrations. Scroll down to find what’s changed for you!

Blue Link — Added ‘Create Shipments in OrderEase’ setting under Order Settings in Blue Link UI

You can now create a shipment in OrderEase after an order has been Shipped in Blue Link. You will see it in our front-end in a setting called “Create Shipment in OrderEase.”

SOS Inventory — New Sync Setting to Sync Order Lot Details and/or Sync Shipping Details

You can now sync shipping details and order lot details between SOS Inventory and ShipStation. 

Wayfair - Added 'Send Order Acceptance to Wayfair' Setting to Front-end

We’ve added a setting to our Wayfair integration that lets you send order acceptances / acknowledgements as soon as they are received as “submitted” or after they’ve been reviewed as “confirmed.”

Amazon - More granular control on settings

We’ve created more granular controls for our Amazon integration suppliers so they can turn on or off settings to automatically fulfill orders in Amazon, as well as retrieve shipping labels and create shipments in OrderEase separately. 

QuickBooks Desktop - Inventory Assemblies and Inventory Part

We’ve added functionality for the QuickBooks item types Inventory Part and Inventory Assembly for dropship products to your product sync options.

Odoo - Full Stack Integration

We have now finished a full stack integration with Odoo, giving you the ability to sync products and customers, push orders and manage categories with OrderEase.


That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned for future updates, and if you have any questions please reach out to your customer support representative.

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