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[Feature Release] OrderEase B2B Order Management Technology April / May 2024

New features, integration enhancements and even new integration partners await you in this feature release brief.

It’s time for another set of updates, this time covering April and May. We can guarantee that there is no rain, and all flowers in these updates as we have some new integrations and some new changes that give some very nice quality of life updates. 

We’re looking forward to you joining us for yet another brief update note!

Key B2B Order Management Solution Feature Releases:

New Integrations

Core Functionality Improvements

→ Integration Improvements

It’s a new month, and you know what that means — a bevy of fresh features for you to enjoy. We have some exciting new stuff this month so hold on to your hats as we run down the list of the nifty new stuff you can do.

New integrations

New Integration — Overstock.com

Overstock, also known as Bed, Bath and Beyond is our new integration for OrderEase. The integration allows for our customers to connect to Overstock and their online marketplace for consumers to place dropship orders. 

The current scope of of our integration with Overstock.com will allow you to: 

  • Get authorization via a portal username and password.
  • Get orders directly from Overstock.com
  • Post shipments to Overstock.com
  • Sync inventory from Overstock.com



Core OrderEase functionality improvements

Bulk action update: You can now remove all reps and all groups

If you’re looking to remove all sales reps from an account, or remove everyone in a buyer group. OrderEase now allows you to remove everyone from your system in your one go. This means you can quickly remove buyer groups from your system, or sales reps from an account without having to individually target every member.

New date filters

We’ve heard the requests loud and clear — you want a way to clean up older orders that are busying up your page when there’s a lot of order history. OrderEase users can now filter their orders page by date, exactly like our dashboard! It defaults to 7 days and you should also be seeing a performance improvement as well. This filter will also be implemented across our system as well to speed up the rest of OrderEase, so stay tuned!

Linked products now available

We’ve added functionality that lets wholesalers decide whether or not they allow customers to select or deselect linked / additional products. This gives sellers more control over what their customers see.

For example, a linked product that would be put as mandatory to buy would be deposits on cans or bottles. This would force the additional product to the cart for customers to include with their order. 

If a product is put as a user choice, this might entail a product that a supplier wants the buyer to be aware of but not mandatorily purchase.

Major shipments expansion

We’ve now given suppliers the ability to bulk import shipments to manage their EDI ASNs. This is helpful for suppliers who don’t currently have shipping / logistics software and had to upload their shipping to OrderEase manually. This will ease managing packages and package quantities.


  1. Created a shipments import function that will allow suppliers to bulk import shipments.
  2. Created new ‘Advanced Import’ tab under Shipments > Import page.
  3. Created an import setting to “Automatically Generate UCC-128 (GS1) SSCC values for GS1 labels.” Default is FALSE. If a value is given and this setting is ON, OrderEase will take the serial number provided.


Media library file replacement

OrderEase has updated to let you update a file or image in OrderEase without changing the URL of the link for the previous file.

This means your team can share links to information to customers and when you update the content, they will access the revised content through the original link you sent them.  No more remembering to send up emails with updates to links!

Security update: Logout times

While we already had a watcher that tests a user for 30s, we have decided to inform our users when they’ve been logged out of a session due to inactivity. 

This message will provide a button to log back in to OrderEase.


We added a ‘group’ filter to our User Activity Report

Previously, you could only filter activity by individual users — we’ve changed that so you can now watch entire groups. This should help you monitor the engagement of multiple users at once, or understand what’s happening per locale.

OrderEase Integration Improvements

We’ve made improvements to a slew of our integrations. Scroll down to find what’s changed for you!

QuickBooks Online integration enhancements

Field Mapping

Any time a shipping costs line item is included in an order, OrderEase will now automatically map it to your shipping costs field in QuickBooks Online.

In addition we have created new triggers for order creation on QuickBooks Online beyond just “Submitted” and “Confirmed.” To give you greater visibility, we’ve now added the ability for OrderEase to push orders to QBO on the statuses of “Invoiced” or "Shipped.”


Sage 300 integration expansion: Email notifications

OrderEase now sends integration emails to all Sage300 users who are set to receive them. These emails will include details of your new integrations and new customers.

That’s all we have for now. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your OrderEase representative!

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