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Why Your Business Needs To Commit To Online Ordering

Are you testing the water or taking the plunge into wholesale online ordering. Year after year, wholesale online ordering is increasing in demand and wholesalers and their customers are capitalizing on the efficiencies and savings it offers.


Year after year, wholesale online ordering is increasing in demand and wholesalers and their customers are capitalizing on the efficiencies and saving it offers. For those who are exploring it for the first time, it can be tempting to ‘test the waters’ before jumping in completely.

Testing the waters is part of the decision-making process and offering online ordering to your customers presents changes to your existing processes. So how do you implement online ordering in a way that will provide your business with the best results? By committing to it fully. A lukewarm start will yield lukewarm results, which means your best outcomes will only be achieved by adopting online fully.

It’s important to highlight that complete adoption does not mean abandoning your existing sales channels. What we mean is giving it every opportunity to succeed and removing barriers that are caused by skepticism or doubt. 

Of course, online ordering will never promise to magically increase sales by 50 percent. Through full adoption, however, it can help dramatically reduce costs while increasing sales, resulting sustainable growth over time. Here are a few ways online ordering can help your business thrive.


How Full Adoption Will Reduce Costs

Reduce Order Entry Time - When an order is placed online it can automatically be entered into your internal system, eliminating the need to re-enter an order manually.

Reduce Order Errors - By providing customers with up-to-date inventory and product information, orders are placed with greater accuracy. With less manual entry in the administrative process, a further layer of human error is avoided.

Reduce Fulfillment Time - When an order is placed online, there is greater visibility of the order from both the suppliers and customers. This visibility reduces the risk of orders being forgotten or lost and ensures that they are fulfilled with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Reduce Printing Costs - Online catalog allow you to update product information at any time, unlike seasonal print catalogs. By promoting the use of your up-to-date online catalog you can reduce printing costs each season.

Reduce Customer Service Costs - By providing your customers with all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, customers require less assistance in placing an order with your company, turning support time into sales time.

How Full Adoption Will Increase Sales

Faster Release/Promo of New Products- Release new product whenever you like with your online catalog. Mid-season product releases or special promotions provide greater marketing and sales opportunities that seasonal trade shows and print catalog cannot.

Better Exposure for Customers to Discover New Products- An online catalog with product images allow your customers to leisurely browse your products at their convenience, presenting them with new products they might not have otherwise known about.

Customers Can Submit Complete Orders - When all your products are available online your customers can complete their full seasonal order. Only including a small selection out of your entire catalog creates a barrier for your customers to fully enjoy the benefits of online ordering.

Better Organic Growth Through Website- Your website is the first place your customers go when they want to access information about your products. By including your online catalog on your website, your business has a more significant opportunity to convert that search into a sale.

Ready to dive in? Get your company started with OrderEase’s online ordering.

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