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[Feature Release] OrderEase B2B Order Management Technology January / February 2024

A new year, a better us. Come learn about the bevy of new features and integrations on the OrderEase platform as we start the new year fresh with our December update!

Another 2 months, another feature release update. But there’s a catch. This one has some BIG NEWS for all OrderEase customers. We’ve implemented significant site speed improvements making navigating and managing orders a lot faster. We’re not going to go fully into the details for every page, but you’ll notice a difference. 


There’s also new discounting options allowing an order level discount vs only product level discounts, and a bevy of new features designed to give your company more granular control over how its orders are managed. 


Even better, we’ve added new integrations for our customers to enjoy, including Last Call Analytics, which can provide your company with a powerful CRM that works through OrderEase.

Key B2B Order Management Solution Feature Releases:

New Integrations

Core Functionality Improvements

→ Integration Improvements

It’s a new month, and you know what that means — a bevy of fresh features for you to enjoy. We have some exciting new stuff this month so hold on to your hats as we run down the list of the nifty new stuff you can do.

New integrations

New integration  Last Call Analytics

You can now directly integrate with Last Call Analytics (an OrderEase company) directly through our integrations tab. 

Last Call Analytics (LCA) provides OrderEase with a powerful CRM and analytics platform to help your company grow and scale through better understanding of data. 

You can find the LCA integration on your ‘Integrations’ tab.

New integration  Faire

We have a new integration for suppliers, Faire. Faire is an online retail marketplace for wholesalers and brands which you can now connect to through OrderEase. Our functionality for FAIRE currently includes

  • Creating and updating products in Faire
  • Getting orders from Faire
  • Syncing your inventory to Faire

With OrderEase core functionality ready to go, get out there and explore new sales possibilities through OrderEase. Find the Faire integration under your ‘Integrations’ page in OrderEase.

New integration  BestBuy

OrderEase customers are now able to integrate with BestBuy through OrderEase and Mirakl for EDI and dropshipping orders. Our current scope for the integration allows suppliers to:

  • Get orders
  • Create shipments
  • Update carrier tracking information in Mirakl through OrderEase
  • Get shipments

More is on the way for this integration, but the core functionality is there for you to use. You can find this integration in your ‘Integrations’ tab in OrderEase.

Core OrderEase functionality improvements

We’re getting a lot faster, a LOT faster.

There’s a lot here and it’s all good news!

Continuing our work from the last update, we’ve made logging in to OrderEase faster. We noticed there was a 5 second lag on a login for organizations using our white label or co-branded experience. This has been fixed, no individual login takes greater than 450ms now.

There was also a 6 second lag on our home dashboard, this has also been fixed and no individual call takes greater than 400ms now. 

We’ve made extensive speed changes across the rest of our platform as well. You’ll find noticeable improvements in the following areas:

  • Loading the Customer Modal is now faster.
  • Loading the Product Details Modal is now faster as well.
  • The Order Processing and Review Modals are also faster.
  • Load all has now changed to load 150 products with an option to load more. This significantly speeds up the process of manually searching your catalogs
  • Loading the products list has been optimized, where it used to take around 5.9s, it now takes 603ms.
  • The Order Summaries list has been significantly improved in terms of speed. 

Told you it was a lot! These changes should make the experience of working within our platform significantly more pleasant.

Order Import Functionality

For greater visibility to your customers and sales reps, you now have the option to import orders from your ERP or other source that originated outside the OrderEase ecosystem.  To add to that functionality, we’ve added a setting that allows you to mark all orders as complete.  This makes it clear to all of your users and customers that there is no action to be taken on these orders. 

Better product management tools for suppliers

To provide suppliers with better visibility and management of their buyer’s product SKUs, we’ve created a feature in our system where suppliers can easily go to update or correct a buyer’s version of the supplier SKU in their ERP. In order to do this, we’ve done the following:

  1. Created a new sub-page under ‘Products’ called ‘Customer Product Data.’
  2. This page allows users to edit and manage product codes across customers (ie. trading partners) in bulk.
  3. The page will allow supplier users to import and export customer product codes.
  4. A supplier can filter lists by customer name or search via product code, description or customer.
  5. OrderEase shows the product description of a supplier’s product along with the product code for easier identification.
  6. We also display the global inventory value of the buyer’s inventory count on a product on this page.

We also now allow vendors to map the SKU/Product code of their trading partners with their own SKUs.

In addition, we added a feature that automatically notifies your buyers if you have changed their SKU to help you match product codes. This is automatically set for all of your active buyer accounts to notify when a product code / SKU has changed.  Don’t worry, if your buyer hasn’t claimed their account, they won’t receive notifications.

To manage this feature, suppliers can work within the platform and manage individually, or easily import customer product code updates, as well as export, edit customer product code data and re-import for updates. 

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Company Number
  • Supplier Product Description
  • Supplier Product Code
  • Customer Product Code

Order level discounting options

We wanted to make sure that your sales representatives could take a percentage or dollar amount off at the order level. To do this, we’ve created a new feature suppliers to use.

Our New “Ad Hoc Discount” feature will let your sales reps at a % or $ amount discount off the total (after any other discount structures are applied). This feature can be turned on or off by your admins. 

Passing notes, just like you’re back in high school — PDF Enhancement

We’ve created a separate section for private notes on customer accounts that will not be exported in our custom PDF generator for orders. Please be advised that your customers will still be able to see public notes. 

New Feature: Supplier management of buyer addresses

We found that the ERPs of many suppliers have very specific rules and regulations around data validation regarding addresses. We now allow suppliers to change the address and information of their buyers through the OrderEase system. What you can now change is as follows:

  • Name
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • City
  • ProvState
  • Country
  • Postalcode
  • billtoaddress1
  • billtoaddress2
  • billtoaddresscity
  • billtoaddressprovstate
  • billtoaddressspostalcode
  • billtoaddresscountry

This means that all of your customer address fields are now editable, and will line up better with your ERP system.


Shipments Update: Creating a quick shipments import

In situations where a full integration into an ERP or shipping solution doesn’t exist, we have built the ability to import shipment data into OrderEase.  By bulk importing shipments, ASN’s can be generated within OrderEase and sent to integrated sales channels.  

  • When a supplier user goes to import to our system, it automatically generates a shipment when an order is marked as shipped.
  • The import will match on OrderNumber, or supplier PO or customer PO and mark the order as shipped then create shipment in OrderEase
  • It will also automatically insert shipment date (date of import) and insert Carrier Ref, Tracking Number and UCC Label (if provided)
  • The system will assume all items belonging to related orders are in 1 package and marked as fully shipped.

OrderEase Integration Improvements

We’ve made improvements to a slew of our integrations. Scroll down to find what’s changed for you!

Wayfair integration enhancements

We have separated some of our settings in the Wayfair integration to give you more granular control.

Three new settings have been added under “Shipment Settings” 

  1. Get Shipment Labels from Wayfair
  2. Create Shipments in OrderEase
  3. Send ASNs to Wayfair.

We have also developed a new order workflow for suppliers so they can automatically mark orders as canceled when an order is canceled in Wayfair. To enable this feature you must first submit a support request in your Wayfair Partner Portal.

ShipStation integration enhancements

We’ve changed the “Retrieve Shipping Costs” option for ShipStation into a setting that can be toggled on or off. If checked ON, the total shipping cost of a shipment will be retrieved and be created as a shipping cost line item on an order or shipment.

Odoo integration enhancements

OrderEase is now able to create price lists, sync them and assign them to products while using Odoo as the source of truth.

In addition, we have created a new setting to allow users to have more control over how we handle and update product details. This is found under ‘Product Settings’ in the ‘Settings’ tab, called ‘Sync Updated Product Data’. If this is turned on, the integration will automatically update product data from Odoo nightly.



That’s all we have for now. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your OrderEase representative!

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