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OrderEase - New Category Catalog View

OrderEase is a revenue generating cost effective online ordering solution for wholesale buyers and suppliers. See for yourself what OrderEase can do!


Featuring The New Category Catalog View

So as many of you have noticed our development team has been working tirelessly to improve the OrderEase user experience. Our sales team has been chatting with buyers establishing how we can improve the ordering process. As the OrderEase networked marketplace continues to grow, we want to make sure we accommodate your needs and help you adopt OrderEase into your business’s day to day operation.

We listened to your suggestions and our development team got to work. After brainstorming the New Category Catalog view was born to meet the needs of a busy business owner. Ordering directly from your suppliers has never been easier. Now is the perfect time to give the new category catalog view a try, simply login to you free buyers account and start exploring the new catalog view today.


OrderEase is a free, revenue generating cost, effective online ordering solution for wholesale buyers. OrderEase was created to make easier for you to interact and order with your suppliers and have access to hundreds of leading suppliers in North America’s lawn and garden industry. Simple and effective with real time availability, order history and your custom pricing. This is your one stop shop for online ordering. It’s absolutely free and with the OrderEase mobile app you literally have all your suppliers in your back pocket. OrderEase business it’s that simple.

The Category Catalog View

OrderEase has listened and is excited to offer buyers on the network a brand new and enhanced catalog view. Making navigating supplier catalogs quick and easy. Once I have logged in to my free buyers account on OrderEase, simply select the supplier you wish to view from the my suppliers carcasole on the homepage. We will then be asked what catalog we are most comfortable with or prefer to order from. Lets select the brand new view, category view.

Viewing the Catalog On OrderEase

The new category view begins with your previously ordered products at the top of the page, allowing you to conveniently and efficiently re-order product. Your favourite products are also displayed giving you complete control over staff ordering. For example, you can restrict your staff to only order from your favorites, freeing you from having to manually approve each purchase and also empowering your staff to order inventory confidently. The real power in viewing this dynamic catalog is in the filter feature. The powerful filter engine allows you to adjust your view and organize the products your are interested in and order more efficiently. Clicking on the plus button of any header, immediately filters by the category.

You can also find your products quickly with our responsive search. As you type in the search field, at the top of the page, the responsive system will update in real-time with the results of your search. This feature, along with filtering allows you to quickly target the products you are looking for. Your order summary is displayed to the right and updates as you add products. At any time, you can change the catalog view and the order information will travel with you to that new catalogue view.

Once you are ready, you can save and review your order. Your orders are auto-saved on a regular basis, but you can choose to personalize each order to keep your orders organized. The alternate address feature gives you the flexibility to drop ship to another address like a customer location or job site. Once you fill out the required information, your available options are presented to you in a drop-down list where you can save, continue your order or submit the order to your supplier. Once you submit your order, you can review all aspects of the order including, real time status, your custom pricing and other details of your order that you can adjust in real-time.

You are always in complete control of your orders, from start to finish.

Sign up today and create your free buyer account to get started.

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