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OrderEase - Your Online Ordering Solution

OrderEase is a revenue generating cost effective online ordering solution for wholesale buyers and suppliers. Get a first hand look at OrderEase today!


OrderEase is a revenue generating cost effective online ordering solution for wholesale buyers. OrderEase was created to make it easier for you to interact and order from your suppliers and have access to hundreds of leading suppliers in North America’s lawn and garden industry.


Simple and effective with real time availability, order history and your customer pricing, this is your one stop shop for online ordering. It is absolutely free and with the OrderEase Mobile App you literally have all your suppliers in your back pocket. OrderEase is business it's that simple.

How to Sign Up

To start please sign up for a free buyer account by selecting create account at the top of the page. You will then be taken to the account creation page to begin creating your account and profile. Please select a supplier if most of your sales are wholesale and business to business or select a buyer if most of your sales are to consumers and retail customers.

Once you’ve selected please fill out all the relative information including the user name, password, first and last names and email along with all the relative company information that applies to your business. Once all has been filled in please select create user and company.

The OrderEase Marketplace

You will then be taken to your homepage where you will have all the relative information from your wholesale suppliers at your fingertips for your business. You will see things like all of the wholesale suppliers you are directly connected to a list of recommended suppliers you can reach out and directly connect with.

Sign up today and create your free buyer account to get started.

Get the app and order from over 200 suppliers from your mobile device...it's that easy.

Download the OrderEase app from the AppStore.    New call-to-action

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