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OrderEase - Online Ordering for Wholesale Buyers

OrderEase is wholesale online ordering done more efficiently and effectively. See how you can easily save time and money with the OrderEase solution.


OrderEase has been created to save you time on your ordering process. The OrderEase marketplace provides with you a single place to connect, interact and transact with your wholesale suppliers. However OrderEase provides you with so much more, it’s up to you to take advantage of all administrative and management features and functions also available to you.

Watch this video to learn how you can improve your ordering and management process. The video serves as an informative guide that provides you with an overview of all the basic functions the OrderEase marketplace has to offer.

Login into your OrderEase account and start evolving the way you do business today.


Welcome to OrderEase, your one-stop online ordering solution, connecting you with the people you do business with. This quick guide will get you familiar with using an online marketplace and get you connecting with suppliers.

Let’s dive in!

OrderEase Tutorial


Visit www.OrderEase.ca to log in to your OrderEase account. Once you have logged in, you will see your dashboard. The dashboard provides you with supplier recommendations based on your purchasing and geographical location helping you to improve your ordering process. To connect with suppliers click the invite button which then sends a note to that supplier, once they have accepted your invitation they will assign you your specific pricing. You will receive an email from them indicating that you now have access to their catalogue and your pricing. If you are looking for a supplier that isn’t on your dashboard, all you need to do is search for them by name on the Find New Suppliers list which contains all suppliers on OrderEase's network. Not all suppliers have joined OrderEase yet so if you can’t find a supplier invite them to join the network using the Add a New supplier option and quick form.

Your profile represents your company on the OrderEase Marketplace, suppliers base pricing and networking decisions on what value you present to them. So you want you to look your best. To put your best foot forward you need to communicate what you are in the market for as a buyer on your profile. This will help you get the most out of your OrderEase Account. When suppliers search for you, every search is filtered by matching what you buy, with what they sell. Completing this ensures you only interact with suppliers that matter to you.

Placing an Order

To place an order for the first time select the OrderEase sample company as this is a fake supplier all buyers on the network are connected to for practice, then select the catalog view you prefer to work from. From the sample catalogue you can search and select the products you would like add to your practice order. The product details will provide you the breakdown of what your custom pricing will look like from each one of your suppliers. Once you have complete your order you can personalize each of your orders using the provided information sheet, then save and submit to your supplier. Using the same OrderEase sample company you can train your staff, everyone can place an order before it is real. Once the order has been submitted to the supplier an email confirmation will be sent to you confirming the supplier has received your order. Your order confirmation will be followed by progress notifications allowing you to track of the status of your order.

On OrderEase you can train and add your team members under your business’s OrderEase account. You can add each team member to the account individually allowing you to control each member’s permissions on OrderEase. The permission options allows you to set permissions so they can or cannot place orders, including limiting permissions so they can only order from the  favorites section that you have setup for each supplier. Notification of orders and shipping can be set for each team member, this means your office staff can get copies of all order placed without your  floor staff having to remember to include them. People who need to know, always know what is happening using OrderEase. You are always kept in the loop as your team orders and runs the daily administration of your business. Everyone stays informed and connected.

The OrderEase Mobile App

OrderEase empowers you and your staff to order from anywhere with the OrderEase Mobile App, available to you for free on your Android device or IPhone. Use your same login information to order on the fly. Regardless of how you place the order either on your phone or on the computer, your orders and order history can be accessed on all your devices. You can order, review records and connect to suppliers right in the palm of your hand. Reach out and grow your business from anywhere.

Get the app and order from over 200 suppliers from your mobile device...it's that easy.


Download the OrderEase app from the AppStore.    New call-to-action

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