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Quick Guide - Updating Inventory Availability - Manual Entry

This method works well for businesses that have a smaller inventory, which is relatively stable and doesn’t change as frequently.

  1. Visit OrderEase and log in to your account (top of the page).
  2. From the navigation bar, select “My Products” and then “Edit Inventory Quantity”.
  3. Manually update each row of your products listed by entering a new quantity in the “Update to” field and clicking on “Save Quantities”. Changes are immediately reflected in your catalogues.
  4. Once you have completed your updates, you should immediately send out an Announce Availability notification e-mail to let your customers know that there have been updates to your products.Note that this step is optional and is not required for your updates to take effect.
  5. From the top navigation, select, “My Communications” and then “Announce Availability” to send an email announcement containing a sample of your current inventory and links to your catalog so buyers can order your products, which will also appear in your buyers home page feed in OrderEase.
  6. Enter a Title for you announcement and select the date range that you want the announcement to appear in your customers’ home page feed. By selecting the “X” beside the “Date to Stop Showing” box, you can clear the field. This is useful if you want the current announcement to always appear, as is, on your customers feed.
  7. Enter in your announcement message in the “body” field. Note that your announcement e-mail will contain your products below the text, so you may want to keep your text fairly short and to the point.
  8. You can optionally include up to 3 images to highlight your best products.
  9. You can now select all the recipients you wish to send the announcement e-mail to. Please note that the top boxes do NOT automatically deselect if you make changes further down the page (ie. Selecting “All My Connected Buyers” will not turn off if you make a selection further down the page to target a more specific audience).
  10. Once you have selected your recipients, take the time to send yourself a preview of your announcement to make sure you are completely happy with how it will appear to your buyers.
  11. Once you are satisfied with your announcement, click the “Announce Now” button to launch your announcement.

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