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Understanding The Modern B2B Procurement Process

The way business transactions take place has changed over the past 15 years and there is no going back. Gone are the...

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How does the cost of production affect the cost of a plant?

As a business owner, would you invest in plants that you knew would cost more to produce than the return? Without a...

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How does a Consumer Value a Plant


When a customer walks through your garden centre, how do they decide on a fair price for a hanging basket? Do they...

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Increasing ROI at Your Next Trade Show


“See you at the next trade show” is a common sentiment exchanged throughout wholesale industries, even in the most...

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Three Ways Sales Reps Define Your Company's Brand


A brand doesn't exist within the confines of your company, it existing within the minds of your customers.That...

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The Technology Behind Local Food Production


Buy local, eat local. Food safety, nutrition, and local economies are all on the mind to the 2018 consumer. The...

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Three Greenhouse Technologies that Increase Production

If you are a business owner in the greenhouse industry, production technology is something you are likely very familiar...

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Responding to Labor Shortages in the Horticultural Industry


Widespread labor shortages in the horticultural industry aren’t new, but actually represent a steadily increasing...

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The Evolution of Technology in Horticulture


Technology is everywhere ! From the shovel you use to plant a seed to the process in which that seed’s genetics have...

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