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Wholesale Ordering App for Mobile Purchasing

OrderEase offers online ordering anytime, anywhere. The OrderEase Mobile, a wholesale ordering app is available on the App store or on Google Play.


OrderEase Mobile offers wholesale buyers the freedom to view and order wholesale products at their convenience. This free mobile ordering app provides buyers with all the same features of their OrderEase account. Now buyers can order products from their sales floor, job site or patio at their convenience. OrderEase Mobile further simplifies the ordering management process by providing wholesale purchasers with the following features.

   The wholesale ordering app provides:
  1. Seamlessly ordering  from anywhere mobile device, tablet or computer
  2. Access current inventory in real-time and product updates from your suppliers
  3. Full order history and tracking
  4. Notifications to your mobile device with order updates

Order at you convenience and download the free OrderEase Mobile App

Download the OrderEase app from the AppStore.     New call-to-action

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