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Since 1940, Century Drill & Tool Corporation has offered professional quality power tools accessories and hand tools for contractors, professionals working in the trades, commercial automotive shops and do-it-yourselfers. As one of America's greatest industrial brands (still manufacturing 40% of their products in the USA), Century Drill and Tool offers the largest selection of power tool accessories, abrasives, hand tools and threading tools in North America. Their ideal customers are independent retailers and automotive shops that offer their customers the highest level of support and quality products, much like themselves. Their main concern was finding a solution that would reduce friction in the ordering process.


Results Overview


Customizable Solution

OrderEase has the ability to custom tailor a solution to the company and industry through APIs to make things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible for the complete ordering process..


More Time For Sales

With customers becoming more self sufficient in the ordering process, the sales reps can now focus on selling, educating and building better bonds with customers.


Modern Ordering

By moving away from the old and inefficient paper and fax-based ordering systems Century Drill & Tool has been able to increase their profitability and efficiency.


With Century Drill & Tool's ideal customers being independant companies in the hardware, farm and automotive sectors, many of these businesses don't necessarily have the ability to implement an electronic POS system. The challenge they faced was removing the friction that manual ordering was causing, for both the retailer and Century.

Century Drill & Tool Logo


The OrderEase solution was able to provide everything Century Drill & Tool was looking for:

  • A customizable solution that covers the entire ordering process.

  • An easy way for customers to order and have visibility into availability and new products.

  • A solution that would allow for easy drop shipping options for retailers to try new products with no upfront costs.

The Journey

Century Drill & Tool searched for the right solution for over 2 years, trying multiple other tools. Some of these other tools were close to meeting their needs, but something crucial was missing every time. With these providers, there was also a lack of willingness to customize their solution to meet the specific needs of Century Drill & Tool. At one point they even considered building their own proprietary program.

After 2+ years of searching, they found OrderEase. After a 30 minute demo of the features and capabilities of the solution, they knew they had found what they were looking for.

Today, Century Drill & Tool Corporation has integrated the OrderEase solution to help their customers become more self-sufficient in the ordering process.

They are moving away from the old and inefficient paper and fax-based ordering systems to increase their profitability and efficiency. They also have gained more control over shipping and ordering, which has reduced customizations and delays with their orders.

They added it’s also been incredibly refreshing to see how willing OrderEase has been to listen and integrate their feedback.

“You get the feeling that you're important. They listen to the issues or questions you’re having and they come up with solutions!”

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From Our Client

I was able to login, and within 20 minutes I had my products loaded on there. I had my app doing a test scan and I said, 'This is exactly what I want. I want something this powerful and intuitive to use!' It was exactly what we envisioned.
Kurt Tachick